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When an alien parasite takes over an off-planet research station, a brilliant young scientist must work around her physical challenges to clear her name, rescue her team and save the Earth.



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Outer space. A corporate shuttle arrives to orbit a lush green planet. On the shuttle is corporate weasel, Charles Drake, who has messed up big time and lost his company a fortune. His boss spells it out for him: he has a week to make back $100 million or he’s history. Drake is told to land at Aurora Station below and steal whatever money-making scientific secrets he can while posing the trip as a simple corporate inspection.
The crew do their best to weather his presence, focusing on the birthday of Alex Stevens, a brilliant young biologist with cerebral palsy. Drake quickly gets everyone offside with his self-important attitude but makes a serious misstep when he makes a forceful pass at beautiful botanist and Alex’s best friend, Britney. Alex defends Britney and humiliates Drake, putting herself squarely in his sights.
The next day, one of the station’s deer is exposed to a substance and becomes savage, and Alex narrowly avoids an attack. During an examination by microbiologist Dallas, a long red parasite leaves the deer’s body and forces its way into his mouth. Now under its control, Dallas tries to get the others to travel to the same exposure site, while he enlists Drake’s help under the pretense of securing a valuable mineral deposit. Drake, desperate for money, falls for this, but the plan nearly goes awry when Alex sees the parasite in Dallas’s mouth feeding on a deer carcass.
Together, Drake and Dallas force Alex into an escape pod and launch it, sending her on a collision course. They then lie to the others, reporting that Alex abandoned the station by choice. Alex fights to divert the pod’s course and return to warn the others, finally succeeding in getting the pod to land nearby in a controlled crash. However, the horrified crew believe the pod is destroyed and that Alex is dead.
Undaunted, Alex makes her way back, but the entire station seems abandoned, even derelict. As she searches the complex, she discovers her crewmate Flynn, who interrogates and then attacks her. The attack is diverted by another crewmate, Eric – a powerfully strong man who is now almost mindless with rage. The two men fight, revealing that they are both now infested with the parasite. Alex is rescued by the station commander, who is desperate to retain her command and treats Alex with suspicion. Alex argues that she is innocent, but the commander demands proof of Alex’s story and tells her to track down Britney, who is also under suspicion for going into hiding on the other side of the station.
Alex discovers Britney’s hideout and tries to plead her case, but Britney also views Alex with distrust, based on her implausible return. The strong relationship among the crew has fractured: the men have been taken over by the parasite, and the women now view each other with suspicion and aggression. Alex, sick of this treatment after her brush with death and all her efforts to return to the station to warn everyone, lashes out at Britney and vows to take care of this without anyone’s help.
Alex tracks down Drake and starts to examine him, needing a parasite to prove to the commander that the alien threat is real. However, Dallas calls and mocks her with the news that Drake is still human. But a background noise reveals Dallas’s location and Alex is able to intercept and capture him. Now that she has the proof she needs, Alex is redeemed. She brings Britney and the Commander back together and they begin an examination of Dallas, even managing to remove the parasite! Dallas reveals the parasites’ plan to relocate to Earth on a transport and feed on humanity, but their success is short-lived.
Without the parasite, Dallas goes into shock and, to prevent his death, they are forced to return the parasite to his body, devastating Alex. As the furious parasite punishes Dallas’s body, the women flee, heartbroken and defeated – and pursued by the giant Eric.
Slowed down by Alex, they only just manage to escape, but Britney is injured. Alex blames herself bitterly and falls into a depression. However, they find secret security footage which reveals that a host body can survive if the parasite leaves willingly. Armed with this knowledge, Alex comes up with a plan – but they’ll need Eric.
Working together, they manage to capture Eric and inject him with just enough poison to make the parasite want to leave his body. The parasite leaves but it evades capture, and Alex chooses to sacrifice herself to keep Eric safe. She gives herself to the parasite while Eric is resuscitated, but when the parasite cannot make Alex walk, it abandons her in rage, almost retaking Eric before being killed by Britney.
Eric leaves to synthesize a compound that will make the other parasites abandon their hosts and filter it through the air system. The others rescue Drake from Dallas, but Dallas escapes. Suddenly there is another problem: the automated ship arranged by Drake arrives and gathers up the parasite colony for transport to Earth. To prevent this, they decide to destroy the ship by detonating the station reactor. Their only hope of escape lies with another shuttle: Drake’s boss has arrived to oversee the collection of the valuable mineral deposit.
The commander leads a mission to rescue Flynn and Dallas but, despite everything she’s done, Alex is left behind. She is mocked and then attacked by Drake, who plans to abandon them all and escape on the shuttle.
The others find Flynn locked in a science lab, still under parasite control. He locks the main doors, preventing their escape, but then Eric’s compound reaches the lab and the parasite abandons him. Flynn kills it but he can’t be freed from the lab in time. He tells the others to save themselves and they reluctantly flee.
Meanwhile, Dallas has arrived and claims to have returned to normal, but Alex quickly sees through this. Alex and Dallas both appeal to Drake, who has pulled a gun on them both. In the end, he chooses Dallas, just in time for the compound to reach them. Dallas is freed from the parasite but Drake escapes. He makes it to the shuttle, where he is executed at his boss’s command.
The crew makes it onboard, and the shuttle takes off just as the station detonates. Drake’s boss demands answers, and the commander goes to explain events while the others prepare for the trip home. Suddenly, Alex realizes something is wrong just in time to subdue the flight crew, who are infested with the parasite. She fights her way to the commander, who is being held hostage by the boss, also infected. He reveals that Drake let the parasites on board when he burst in.
Alex offers a compromise to this last remaining parasite to retreat to an isolated lab where they can learn from each other, but it refuses, abandoning the boss and committing suicide, trying to take Alex with it. The commander knocks her out of the way, saving her. They’re safe, and the commander finally accepts Alex’s abilities, telling her she’ll make a great commander herself. The shuttle sets course and they head for home, victorious.

Submitted: May 13, 2021
Last Updated: March 16, 2022

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The Writer: Matt Taylor

I write scripts by night when I'm not teaching special ed. I want to explore stories that haven't been written before using unconventional heroes, and I have a strong interest in writing awesome roles for awesome women. As a spec script writer, my passion is creating screenplays that right wrongs, that see a hero take back power that was stolen from them. I write strong female leads, women we don’t see enough of, in their 30s and 40s, who have a story to tell, who have strength and texture and who can bring experiences, not just good looks. I write meaningful stories of change and journey and the people who take that journey with us. I write gripping action that zips and hits hard, as well... Go to bio

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