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The Last Word

A traumatized widow becomes friends with a group of bereaved women after the death of her abusive husband, but she must learn to fight back when he returns from the dead to hunt her down.



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Four women all meet at a grief counselling meeting: ABBI, who has lost her husband; KATE, who has lost her wife; BONNIE, whose husband is missing; and DARCY, who has lost her twin brother. The counsellor suggests they break the ice by visiting the cemetery together. Abbi is reluctant but agrees. At the cemetery, the women talk and start to open up to each other, but we see that Abbi never visits her husband’s grave and won’t say why.

The visit comes to a climax at the grave of Kate’s wife, Connie, when her mother-in-law, Maria, arrives and tries to bully Kate, whom she unfairly blames for her daughter’s death, but the group bands together to throw her out. With the ice well and truly broken, the girls head to a bar, where drinks, stories and laughs all flow freely. Eventually, Kate asks Abbi about her husband. Abbi relents and shows photos of herself in hospital, having suffered horrific domestic abuse. The group make a promise – they have each other now.

The next morning, police arrive reporting damage to their families’ graves, and the women steer them towards Maria. That night, they swap fun stories about their loved ones – except for Abbi. Later, Darcy dreams of her brother, Denny, and wakes to someone playing the piano, music that only he could know. Her piano and living room are streaked with what looks like grave dirt. In a panic, she calls the others. The discovery of Denny’s watch confirms the truth: he’s come back. But is he the only one? They pack up to go to Kate’s apartment, but a strange couple arrive at the door, clearly planning to kidnap them. The friends prepare to fight and burst out of the door only to find the strangers have been massacred. What’s more, the police arrive and arrest them!

After questioning, they are released but overhear a police report suggesting trouble at Zane’s workplace. Is it him? At first, Abbi wants no part of it but then relents – she has to know. They head there and split up to investigate. Bonnie and Darcy look near a bar, where Bonnie finds her drunk husband, Brian. Thinking he’s also undead, she tearfully tries to put him to rest – with a 2x4. Discovering that he’s actually alive and has been cheating on her, she batters him senseless and leaves, feeling like a new woman. Abbi and Kate locate Zane’s boss, who is brutally killed. But was it Zane? The police arrive and arrest them again but a fiery Kate sees them released.

That night at Kate’s apartment, Zane dramatically reveals himself and attacks, injuring Darcy. Abbi is frozen with fear but Kate manages to drive him away. Abbi blames herself and sneaks out to keep the others safe. She’s kidnapped by another strange couple who mistake her for Kate. They take her to Connie’s grave, where Maria is revealed as the leader of a bigoted hate-group targeting lesbians. She orders Abbi killed then leaves. Abbi fights back furiously, discovering new strength and confidence as she finally stands up for herself. Still, it looks bad for her until Kate’s wife, Connie – also undead – arrives to help her. Connie then leaves to go after Maria, who made their lives so hard.

Abbi’s friends finally track her down, and they all rush to Maria’s house to save Connie from becoming a killer. But Maria is tougher than they thought; she’s just about to kill Connie when Kate tackles her. Enraged, Maria vows to murder them all and a furious Kate ends up beating her to death. Connie returns to herself and says a heartfelt thanks and farewell to Kate before disappearing with Maria’s body. This gives Bonnie an idea. At Darcy’s house, Bonnie joins her in a piano duet. This summons Denny, who comes back to himself, confirms that Darcy will be okay and then disappears with a loving farewell. They start to understand: the undead will pass on when outstanding issues are resolved.

Inspired by this, Abbi announces a plan: she’s going to lure Zane home, then torture him until he too passes on. The others resist, and Abbi goes it alone. That night, Zane arrives and falls into her trap. With Zane locked in the basement, Kate and the others arrive to get Abbi to give up on her plan. But Abbi’s plan is a fake, designed to keep her friends far away and safe! She locks herself in the basement with Zane for a showdown. While her friends desperately try to open the door, Abbi confronts him: his first death let him off too easy. She pulls a knife, promising him the death he deserves. Zane is terrifying but Abbi’s new confidence gives her the strength to take him down. With Abbi’s resolution complete, Zane disappears just as her friends burst in. Kate is furious with Abbi for endangering herself, but they reconcile just as the police arrive.

The story ends with a huge celebration at the town hall. Is it a wedding? No, a delighted Bonnie divorces Brian in a hilarious ceremony and the friends gather in a hug.

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Quarter-Finalist in the 2022 Emerging Screenwriters Genre Screenplay Competition

Submitted: November 14, 2019
Last Updated: June 15, 2022

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The Writer: Matt Taylor

I write scripts by night when I'm not teaching special ed. I want to explore stories that haven't been written before using unconventional heroes, and I have a strong interest in writing awesome roles for awesome women. As a spec script writer, my passion is creating screenplays that right wrongs, that see a hero take back power that was stolen from them. I write strong female leads, women we don’t see enough of, in their 30s and 40s, who have a story to tell, who have strength and texture and who can bring experiences, not just good looks. I write meaningful stories of change and journey and the people who take that journey with us. I write gripping action that zips and hits hard, as well... Go to bio

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