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Coming Home

On return from Afghanistan, an emotionally burdened Veteran must face old losses and new blessings, all while trying to help save both his family ranch and his relationship with God.



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Cody Garrett was lost. He lost his best friend, his mother, a singing career and his faith. And Cody’s worst enemy was himself. Running away included a six year military stint in Afghanistan, but coming home and facing his demons was always going to be his destiny.

His father, William, and brother-in-law, David, welcome his return to the family ranch in Wyoming, but Cody’s sister, Lizzy, is not so overjoyed. She blames Cody for not being there when the family needed him most, reminding Cody why he left to begin with. His best friend, Terry, died in an accident that Cody has always blamed himself for, leaving Cody resentful over what he believes are unanswered prayers.

Pushing Cody toward the brink is news that William may have to sell some cattle early, to get the family through the winter and hold on to the ranch. Cody’s family, with the help of Cody’s ex-girlfriend, Fiona, work to convince him to deal with his issues directly, as Pastor Gill tries to help mend Cody’s faith.

But the real healing powers come from Lacy-Ann, the 6-year-old daughter that Cody never knew but becomes the gift from above Cody needs. She is his path to recovery and newfound faith.

When a chance to win some money in a singing contest falls through, Cody is devastated but now realizes that the Lord provides solutions and reasons to remain faithful if he opens his eyes and heart to them.

With renewed strength, Cody finds his singing voice once again, reunites with the mother of his child, and saves the family ranch.

FAITH-BASED Screenplay - WGA Registered

Submitted: August 24, 2021
Last Updated: August 24, 2021

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The Writer: Teresa Barber

Born and bred in Mississippi, raised in Virginia, and aged in Florida. My life, in-and-of-itself, is full of BIG SCREEN moments and my passion comes from the world around me, simply expressed in my photography and writing. In 2019, I began my screenwriting journey with three completed feature screenplays and many more in the works. My advice to anyone willing to listen? If your dreams don't scare you... dream bigger. Conspiracy of Ravens - FINALIST 2021 Beyond Entertainment Family Film, Screenwriting & Music Festival Conspiracy of Ravens - SEMIFINALIST 2020 Stage32 6th Annual Feature Screenwriting Contest House Rule - SEMIFINALIST Sci-Fi / Fantasy category Top 25 2020 Creative... Go to bio

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