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An eight-year-old boy struggles for answers when his horror sound effects record starts playing on its own in the middle of the night.

Noah just got a new horror sound effects record--Scary Sounds of the Night. It's a gift from his auntie.

The boy is awakened at midnight by the screams and howls on the record. It's playing on its own.

Something else looms for poor Noah. The sound effects have just become very real.

This short screenplay can be filmed extremely cheaply and has definite impact. It requires only one on-camera actor and two who will remain off screen. It relies primarily on sound effects and old-school horror. No visual special effects are needed. It requires just a single location. Someone can make an incredible creepy little film out of this.

This script is available for free. I require a screenwriting credit and two free copies or links of the completed project. Our agreement will also include a fairly specific time-frame for the completion of the film. I don't want to be left hanging as to whether the project will happen or not.

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An eight-year-old boy struggles for answers when his
horror sound effects record starts playing on its own in the middle of the night.

Don’t be scared.

Be terrified.

Today is a very special day.  Today is Noah’s 8th birthday.

And while the party may not have gone to plan and Mom’s deep into her evening tipple, Noah’s holding up; distracted by his brand new ‘Scary Sounds of the Night’ sound effects record.

It’s an odd gift, but then Auntie W. is a far cry from normality.  She’s the distant kind of aunt that talks to skunks and lives alone in the woods.  The kind that always forgets a birthday… until now.

MOM (O.S.)
Gonna give yourself nightmares, kid.

A heart beats on the sound effects record: lub-dub, lub-dub. 

Noah's mom stands just out of view in the doorway.

He turns off the record player, letting it groan to a stop.

MOM (O.S.)
I don't know why you'd wanna listen to that.
It's hell's soundtrack.

Howling winds and pounding hearts are one thing, but groaning ghouls prove too much and a spooked Noah calls it a night.  Maybe Mom was right; why would anyone want to listen to a soundtrack filled with such horrors?

Better yet, what type of person would send such a gift?

As it turns out, the crazy type with a grudge that lives alone in the woods on a homegrown daisy diet.  Scary Sounds of the Night is a recording of an entirely different kind.  The kind you can’t just turn off.

The kind that knows your name…

Rob Herzog’s Creak and Shriek delivers a strikingly simple yet effective horror short.  Two characters, one room and some well placed sound FX could bring this horror short to the screen with the minimum of budget.  Any filmmaker looking to get their hands on a fun Twilight Zone style chiller would be remiss not to check this out.

Review by Steve Miles
Submitted: June 12, 2018
Last Updated: January 28, 2019
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Last Downloaded: November 22, 2019

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The Writer: Rob Herzog

My chief talent isn’t writing, it’s being afraid. As a kid, I freaked out about spontaneous human combustion, killer bees, and the prospect of a bathtub shark attack. And the 3,600 miles between me and the Loch Ness Monster wasn’t nearly enough. All of this youthful anxiety runs wild in my screenplays. Blame the neighborhood weirdo kid for setting me on this path. When I was six, he predicted that our neighborhood would be attacked by window ghouls. These ghouls supposedly would claw into our rooms and devour us all. Only those blessed with large dogs would survive, he said, because window ghouls hated them. Two nights later, I imagined the ghouls at my window, clawing the screen. At this... Go to bio

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