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Dead, Just Like You



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Important things to know when you're dead.

When you die you have to go somewhere. Why isn't always that clear.

Submitted: November 3, 2019
Last Updated: November 3, 2019

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The Writer: Bill Albert

The first book I wrote was in the second grade and it was about an 8 foot tall Martian who gets a wish from a genie. Seriously. I have to admit it hasn't always been going uphill since then. About 20 years ago I started writing earnestly and the first book I wrote was a Doctor Who novel. I even got it to the point where I professionally submitted it to the Dr. Who novel range at the BBC but it was just a bit late. They had decided to close the range when the new series was announced so I'll never know if it would have been accepted. In the meant time I've written a sci-fi time travel novel, no coincidence, called Time Web Tremors that I self published. I've also written a four book YA sword... Go to bio

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