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In the Shadows of November - S1 E1 From Out of the Clouds

On November 9th 25 nuclear bombs go off across the United States. There were supposed to be 26 and only one person in the world knows where it's at. She put it there.



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A young woman named November travels across the fractured country looking for clues as to who caused the destruction. Along the way she meets members of a US army divided, power hungry politicians, a paramilitary group, innocent civilians and more. The mysteries start to unravel and we may not like the secrets we find.

This isn't just an idea. This is a series and I have the whole story laid out. You will know on day one what will happen in the final episode and exactly what you need to get there.

EPISODE # DATE (days since 11/9) LOCATION
1 From Out of the Clouds March 4 (116) Shreveport, LA
2 Something in the Water March 8 (120) Gosnell, AR
3 The Day Everything Changed March 10 (122) 50m from St. Louis, MO
4 Still Standing March 14 (125) St. Louis, MO
5 The Rules of St. Louis March 14 (125) St. Louis, MO
6 The Rocket’s Red Glare March 15 (126) St. Louis, MO
7 Flash Point March 18 (129) Jericho, KS
8 Ghost Town March 20 (131) Springfield, IL
9 The Cold Heartland March 23 (134) Iowa City, IA
10 Unreliable Sources March 24 (135) Iowa City, IA
11 Storm Warning March 25 (136) Iowa City, IA
12 Something Wicked This Way Comes March 25 (136) Iowa City, IA
13 Into the Shadows March 26 (137) Iowa City, IA
14 Air Force One March 27 (138) in flight
15 The Cold March 30 (141) Dodge City, KS
16 Volunteers March 31 (142) Dodge City, KS
17 Nobody’s Fool April 1 (143) southwest Kansas
18 Kings, Queens, and Pawns April 2 (144) Cheyenne, WY
19 Bringing Out the Dead April 8 (150) west coast
20 Monsters April 11 (153) 10 miles from Eugene, OR
21 False Face April 12 (154) Eugene, OR
22 Camp Haven April 13 (155) Eugene, OR
23 The Magician November 7 Cheyenne, WY
24 Secondary Targets April 14 (156) Eugene, OR and Kansas
25 United We Stand April 17 (157) Indianapolis, IN
26 An All-Consuming Fire April 18 (158)

I also have a Look Book available upon request. I also have a great deal of script work already done.

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2018 Hollywood Screenplay Contest - Gold
2017 California Film Awards - 2nd
2017 Los Angeles Screenplay Contest - 3rd

Other quarter and semi finalist listings

A proof of concept video is also available.
Submitted: October 23, 2019
Last Updated: July 12, 2021

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The Writer: Bill Albert

The first book I wrote was in the second grade and it was about an 8 foot tall Martian who gets a wish from a genie. Seriously. I have to admit it hasn't always been going uphill since then. About 25 years ago I started writing earnestly and the first book I wrote was a Doctor Who novel. I even got it to the point where I professionally submitted it to the Dr. Who novel range at the BBC but it was too late. They had decided to close the range when the new series was announced weeks after I had made a submission so I'll never know if it would have been accepted. Encouraged though, I then wrote a sci-fi time travel novel, no coincidence, called Time Web Tremors that I self published. I also... Go to bio

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