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As Burton gets sicker, Rob is no closer to finding abducted Sophie, and Sarah is having clearer visions.

Burton's sidekick, Malice is spotted on CCTV and descriptions come in. Burton's homes bring no evidence. Burton is shacked up in a secret location, Malice's flat, and they make arrangements to meet their Business aquaintance, Reno, a child trafficer from Brazil, on his private yacht off shore from Amsterdam. A tired Rob, just catches the dry cleaners on his way home, and is given Sarah's numberm which he thought he'd lost, but left in his suit pocket. Sarah deletes his number as constant calling with no answer gets to her, but Rob finally calls, and they arrange a date. She forgets though, after visions of the tunnel and the missing kids, that she has double booked to meet with Sam and Max to look online at the missing kids lists for a 'Katie', whom she has been talking to.
the investigation team have a breakthough, and visit a supermarket in north London, where Burton and Malice were spotted buying unusula items.
Katie shows Sarah, the way out of the tunnel to see the outside, as she can't go further, and she relises she is outside a cottage, Haven's Cottage. Burton's van is found clamped, and DCI Leonard gets a call to identify Malice, with a name and address. They visit, but are too late when they realise Malice has his own car, and they leave for th motorway. The cops manage to pursue, to a service station, where Malice susses Rob and Simon, and attacks him unconscious in the toilets. Simon has to abandon pursuit to help Rob.
Malice and Burton continue to Sophie, hidden in Haven's Cottage in Colchester. Burton tries to have his way with her, and Malice beats him up too, warning him to stay away from the child. The cops search Malice's flat, finding Reno's Brazil phone number, but Rob is too ill and goes home. after failing to meet Sarah, they rearrange a date that night, but Max and Sam pursuede Sarah to snoop and find evidence to match the names in her vision to reality.

Submitted: April 22, 2019
Last Updated: May 4, 2020

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The Writer: Tina Balli

Studied at LCCA, creative media, where I wrote 'Spotted Dick, the Musical,' a comedy short, in song! Check it on my YouTube channel, LEMONADE BUDGET, where I also have crafty tutorials.. . I attended a script course with 'Raindance', many years ago...Yes, I''m no spring chicken. . I self published 4 novels, am creator of 'the demon realm' tarot deck and book. all available to buy online. I've studied occult for 40 years, so my writing reflects this. Trust me when I say I have seen and done more supernatural stuff than any movie, and know what I'm talking about! I concentrate more on script writing now, but I am an artist, and occasionally get time to paint or make weird stuff. You can see... Go to bio

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