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A young female detective on her first murder case, stumbles upon something sinister when a 2nd body appears, both connecting to her father's murder and a mysterious figure.

This is a murder mystery thriller, with a touch of supernatural thrown in the mix. To be a ghost, you have to be dead. To be an eidolon, you don't, except your waking body may not remember what you've been up to! You won't be able to take your yes and ears off the screen, in case you miss the smallest piece of evidence!
Harper, an alcoholic, is a week out of prison, and straight into drink driving, but one night he gets his just deserts, when someone seeks revenge by killing him with his own vice, intravenously. Young Lauren Bailey, on her first murder case, ends up with a second the next day, when a seemingly prostitute looking for a fix is murdered. Investigating Harper's hit and run victim fails to find a suspect, but both murders are connected by a pub, where both were seen.
Bailey herself, is going through stages of grief on her coming father's death anniversary, when he was murdered undercover. She tries to piece together what went wrong with the help of his old partner, she falls in love with. All three murders tie together involving money laundering, and a ghostly figure seen on camera. Jenny, the prostitute's last night was spent with a disturbed man, seeking revenge on women, as he was abused in care, but he is found not to be the killer, but while trying to kill himself in a call, the eidolon saves him. Bailey only shows her partner the supernatural cctv. She finds her dad's diary and what happened before his deal went sour.
There is a traitor in the force, stealing evidence money, connecting Bailey senior's bait money to his murder by his own. He mentiones the ghostly figure and an expert, she contacts. Together they find the eidolon is Harper's son, in a coma. Jenny was wife to the banker, whom she killed to take over laundering to feed her habit. He killed both, following the money trail. Harper was the delivery agent, and the police forensic is the traitor. They trap him, when Bailey hacks the bank and transfers money to her account, and says she has found her father's missing bait money. Wanting the moneyhe kidnaps Bailey, and the final scenes are set in the warehouse where her father's undercover operation went sour. The eidolon, aka Harper's son, comes out of his coma, but is not convicted, as you convict a ghost?
There are more twists and turns to the story, involving the abused man, who was in care at the same home as Harper's son, and other murders in the background story of the children's home, and a new eidolon emerges.

Submitted: November 30, 2016
Last Updated: April 2, 2019
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The Writer: Tina Balli

Studied at LCCA, creative media, where I wrote 'Spotted Dick, the Musical,' a comedy short, in song! Check it on my YouTube channel, LEMONADE BUDGET, where I also have crafty tutorials.. . I attended a script course with 'Raindance', many years ago...Yes, I''m no spring chicken. . I self published 4 novels, am creator of 'the demon realm' tarot deck and book. all available to buy online. I've studied occult for 40 years, so my writing reflects this. Trust me when I say I have seen and done more supernatural stuff than any movie, and know what I'm talking about! I concentrate fully on script writing now, as it has become my first love, but I am an artist, and occasionally get time to paint... Go to bio

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