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ENOLA makes a deal with the devil as she crashes the ranks of the LPGA, she develops an unusual winning habit in this dark comedy about choosing between family and needing to win.



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ENOLA is a dark comedy about a young, female, golf phenom who, with her working-class roots, crashes the highly competitive ranks of the LPGA. She makes a deal with the devil and develops an unusual winning habit.
Her winning habit takes the audience on a spiraling ride through shockingly humorous scenes that accelerate as she tries to confess to one after another of her strangely, undisturbed supporters.

We all know stories about the superstitions of athletes, from perfectly managed workout routines, uniquely designed diets, and/or strange pre-game rituals. This is the foundation of Enola’s story.
ENOLA (18) showcases her youth and fury with a dedicated and disciplined approach to her golf game. She works tirelessly in her basement, at the golf dome range, and with her Father GEORGE (58) golfing at night.
You may ask, who golfs at night?
George is a steel mill worker with two jobs, proud of his Croatian heritage, and a single Father even prouder raising his daughter in the grit of the rustbelt-Mafia city of Youngstown, Ohio.
Her Father pushes her to be exacting, even though she doesn’t need the encouragement. He has superstitions about practice that she has inherited in her game, all since her Mother’s fatal car accident. This tragedy also claimed her brother LEO’s (25) golf career, not him.
Enola dreams of becoming a professional golfer.
Her Father is there to support her, but her brother has his own issues. Also dreaming, her Uncles (Father’s three Brothers), who have helped raise Enola at their corner bar, which serves as a raucous home to Enola’s career. One of the early scenes, cheerfully introduces their watering hole, and is a modern twist on the John Belushi’s ANIMAL HOUSE exchange with a folk singer.
Enola’s main opposition character is her addict brother Leo. He plays the family card, and takes advantage of her superstitions, even her conscience. She tries to balance the impossible conflict of taking care of her family with her desire to win, and to win at all costs.
Other supporting characters include a politically incorrect parish priest who counsels Enola, her quirky High School sweetheart, and the connected family friend together with his sports agent son.

We meet Enola at the opening scene, she is quietly powerful and defiant, while her Father conducts a longest drive competition. This quickly escalates when a player shows up with a “ringer.” However, we learn why Enola’s nickname is “the Bomber,” she bombs 300-yard drives.
During the High School State Golf Tournament scene, Enola encounters a groundhog in a darkly comedic confrontation that foreshadows her drive to do-anything-to-win. This scene negotiated with the groundhog ranks with the antics of the CADDY SHACK prized mascot.
Enola emerges on the Junior LPGA Tour, where she is respected and feared for her long bombing drives, intense demeanor, and superstitious habits. She comes close, but never wins, and this frustrates her because she is always practicing, she can’t seem to do anything more to improve.
She still rises to the next level after two years in the Qualifying Tournament for the LPGA. Unpredictably, she has an accidental and fatal confrontation with her brother’s drug dealing girlfriend. She then captures a conspicuous victory.
Leo is her inherited agent who sells a hat sponsorship (finally) at a booby-bar, and she is outraged. Her connected family friend tries to help, cautions against breaking the deal, and makes the introduction and for his son to become her agent.
The sports agent son signs Enola to big money endorsements while Leo implodes to Rehab. However, her super-intense demeanor needs softening for the personal appearances, conferences, and television commercials. During a pre-tourney conference scene, Enola hilariously let’s a few competitors know that she can’t be bullied
However, an LPGA win still eludes her, and she realizes what she must do. Leo is out of Rehab, and he is in the right place at the right time to snatch Enola’s available Caddy job. Enola makes a deal with the devil, learns to develop her winning habit, and this series of scenes echoes the same critique, “why are we laughing at this?”
It’s all in good fun and adding to the dark comedy is the collection of confessions that don’t seem to disturb her closest supporters. Some people do feel that something is bothering Enola, but they think its Tour pressure, and the scene with the Police Officer keeps the joke rolling.

Thank you for taking the time to review. I’m looking for the right home for ENOLA, where a willing director and young, rising talent can make this story a hit. I believe this screenplay can be formed into a smart, sexy, dark comedy along the lines of AMERICAN PSYCHO, EATING RAUL, something more than DEXTER, more like BAD SANTA, even BIRDMAN, and almost any of the comedies like FARGO

Submitted: May 31, 2021
Last Updated: May 31, 2021

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The Writer: Ken Turocy

When I was a tile installer, one over-used joke we said after a job was complete, "It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to tile it," just like painters would say about their craft. However, as a writer, I can quickly say that it's not a small world, and that I would want to write it. Just the maps, I'm from the East side of Cleveland, Ohio and now live in Youngstown, Ohio. After graduating from Marquette University I lived in Los Angeles, California, then Portland, Oregon, and eventually Chico, California where I continued post-graduate work at California State University, Chico. Spending my twenties on the West Coast was another education, and my writing journey started with poetry... Go to bio

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