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Fatal Stocks

A stock trader’s plan for insider trading goes awry when someone is sent to retrieve the shares he’s stolen at any cost.



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Open on a motel room, a bath can be heard running in the background. There’s a laptop on the table, on the screen is a progress bar. Behind it is stock information: share percentages and prices being transferred to a USB. PETERS (38) paces, agitated, has one eye on the laptop and one on his phone, waiting for something. He checks through the drawn curtains, then back to the phone, before storming into the bathroom to switch off the bath.

Peters checks the bathwater, gets a text, causing Peters to nearly drop the phone in the bath. Peters reads it ‘I’m just outside.’ As he reenters the motel room, knocking can be heard. Peters stands by the door, can hear a woman on the other side, checks the peephole. INDIGO (32) is outside, but Peters is sceptical, asking if she’s got the money, Peters’ phone bings again. Still unsure, Peters asks Indigo if she has any hidden weapons... she doesn’t.

As Peters opens to see Indigo standing in front of him... she punches Peters, which surprises him, then continues throwing punches, forcing Peters back into the room. Peters intercepts one, pushing Indigo back into a small cabinet, then charges after her, but she kicks his legs, causing Peters to fall into her. Indigo grabs Peters, stuffing some biscuits in his mouth, before pushing him away. Indigo gets up, throwing a stumbling Peters into the bed. She gets on top of Peters, tries to strangle him. Peters manages to wind Indigo and move her way before rolling off the bed. He grabs the USB and stuff it down his pants. Indigo is undeterred and goes for Peters again but this time he’s prepared and uses his robe to trap her. He pins Indigo to the bed asking if she’s been sent to get the information back, she has. Indigo manages to knee Peters’ crotch, causing him to roll off the bed. He sits up against it for a bit of respite but indigo grabs him and puts him in a head-scissors. Peters somehow manages to separate Indigo’s legs enough to slip out and slide to the floor. Indigo is quickly back on top of Peters, her hands going for his pants to get the USB but Peters again manages to wriggle out from beneath her. Indigo rushes Peters, he moves aside but she wraps her arms around his waist and slides her hands down his pants. Peters grabs her wrists, wrestling to get her hands out. Indigo has the USB, but Peter backs her against the wall, forcing it out of her hands. She slides down in pain but manages another low-blow the causes Peters to fall forwards.

Both in pain, Peters begins to crawl towards the USB, he grabs it and he throws it into the bathroom, then continues towards it. Indigo is staggering towards Peters so he pushes the USB under the bathtub, then uses it to get up, but Indigo grabs him and dunks his head underwater. She then lifts his unsteady legs, putting him completely in the bathtub, but the splash causes her to slip over. Peters is trying to get up, Indigo gets in the tub, they’re both standing face to face. Indigo drops Peters with a punch, then gets on top of him again. Peters is exhausted, trying to move Indigo with no real effort. Indigo turns the water on. She asks Peters if selling the stocks was worth it, he tells her it would’ve been if the buyers had shown up first. The water starts to cover Peters. Indigo turns the water off. She looks down at Peters, he spits water in her face then pulls her down on top of him.

Indigo is being held by Peters as he tries to drown them both. She tries to break free but he has a tight grip. Indigo grabs Peters’ face and kisses him, causing him to let go of her. She moves her face away, keeping his face submerged. Indigo sits up, Peters struggles underwater but quickly dies.

Indigo gets out of the bath, retrieves the USB and goes into the motel room. She grabs the phone, a text reads ‘What’s taking so long?’ Indigo leaves with a smirk on her face.

Submitted: April 12, 2021
Last Updated: April 15, 2021

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The Writer: Jonathan Sieff

Jonathan is a writer, reader and consultant with Screen Talent and also provides book and script coverage independently. He graduated from the University of Bedfordshire in 2016 with a 2:1 in Media Production: Scriptwriting. Whilst at university, he continued to develop an already keen interest in screenwriting and film theory, picking up a fondness for Spaghetti Westerns and Film Noir, and had his script, Tattoo produced by a production company in Newcastle. Jonathan is an avid reader, with a preference for non-fiction, however, he is also a huge comic book and pulp fiction fan. If you read a script and are interested in making it, feel free to get in touch. Scripts produced: Tattoo (... Go to bio

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