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A mysterious animal control officer teaches an abusive dog owner what it's like to be an animal.

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Filthy Animal
A mysterious control officer shows an abusive dog owner what it’s like to be an animal.

Dogs are known as Man’s Best Friend for good reason.

Rather than just pets, they’re companions, crime solvers, guiders, and protectors. Every so often, they may give us the slightest of grievances – but for caring and amiable people, one glance at those inexpressibly sentimental eyes and all our fears just float away.

Unfortunately Dwight, the lead in Michael Kospiah’s Filthy Animal, isn’t a “caring person” at all. More like a pugnacious, cold-hearted thing. One who sees his long suffering pit bull as a source of exasperation and disobedience. After one smelly misdemeanor too many, Dwight’s had enough. His hound is getting punished. Hard. Chained up and abandoned in a mud puddle, it’s a despondent situation for the pup.

At least until the mysterious Fritzinger arrives on the scene. Though he claims to be an “animal control worker,” Frizinger’s outfit and demeanor are incongruous for his career.

Perhaps the beast he’s been sent to neutralize isn’t the poor pooch, but Dwight himself… in evil ways.

Following a swift and drastic confrontation, Fritzinger turns the tables on the human monster. Soon Dwight’s the one being abused and treated like an animal – with no end in sight!

Chained up in his muddy back yard and crying for help, Dwight soon attracts the attention of a new group of “rescuers”. A group of good Samaritans who supposedly take pity on him and transport him to…

…the animal shelter? What on Earth is happening here?

The shelter workers attempt to find a loving home for their latest “mutt”, but no dice. Soon, they’ll have no choice but to put mongrel Dwight out of his misery. That is, unless he finds a ‘forever home.’ But what sensible family would choose him?

Much like the pit bull, Dwight desperately hopes for a guardian angel…and one does miraculously appear. But, similar to Fritzinger’s shocking arrival, something doesn’t seem quite right.

Is Dwight being led towards redemption as a person? Or some unspeakable fate – one you wouldn’t wish on a beast?

A fast-paced short that hugs its twists close to its chest, Filthy is acutely paradoxical: offering up satisfying moments of justice being served cold (an eye for an eye.) Not to mention a touching and difficult-to-stomach commentary on animal abuse – asking us to walk a few pages through an animal’s life; in the “paws” of an unloved, battered pet.

Needless to say, any potential audience is sure to ride (and love) the roller coaster of emotions with this one; including the surreal flipping of roles. And if you miss out on the chance to direct Filthy Animal, you’ll be thrown in the doghouse yourself!


Review by Hamish Porter

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The Writer: Michael Kospiah

Michael is an award-winning screenwriter based out of New York City specializing in darker films. His feature, "The Suicide Theory", won an Audience Award at the prestigious Austin Film Festival as well as the Grand Jury Prize (Best Picture) at the Dances With Films Festival. After a brief run in cinemas, "The Suicide Theory" is now available to watch on Netflix, Amazon, Itunes and DVD.

The Suicide Theory trailer -- You can check out his award-nominated short horror film, "The Dead Guy in the Trunk" here -- Go to bio

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