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First Date: Palm Springs or Nothing Good Happens After Midnight



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Two spoiled Beverly Hills rich kids get stuck up a mountain overnight. (Based on a True Story)


Based on a true incident.

By Jason Cooper

Gorgeous reality TV star Monaco Moore, is fussing over an imperfect fingernail. The local nail salon put the phone down on her. She throws her I-phone, breaking it in a temper-tantrum.
At a gas station, Casey Parker is searching through the ash tray of his 57 T-Bird for change. The bribe of a $1,000.00 from his father to take Monaco out hasn’t hit his credit card yet.
The couple meet at the Riviera Hotel. Monaco’s looking forward to meeting Casey again; they were childhood friends.
While Casey is living hand to mouth, Monaco has her own production company and TV series.
Tired of hearing how well she’s doing, Casey tells her they’re leaving and get the bar-check.
Their destination the restaurant at the top of the mountain in Palm Springs was chosen by Casey’s father, who left tram tickets at will-call.
On the journey up they ride with Harper, a strong and silent type.
At dinner in spite of Monaco warning Casey not to get her drunk, they are both smashed.
Casey gives silent thanks to his father as the Grand finally hits his card and he is able to pay the restaurant check.
Casey invites Monaco to go on a hike the following day. He buys her a pair of walking-boots in the gift shop and the couple go out onto the mountain.
As they wander away from the station, enlightened by the moonlight and the wonders of nature, in the darkness they discover their mutual admiration for each other’s toned bodies.
They make love under the stars, thus missing the last tram down and finding the station closed-up and deserted.
Not wishing to break-and-enter which Casey says would be a felony, they decide to walk, which Casey believes would be no more than an eight-mile hike.
As they do so, Casey lets slip he’s an escort to aged Palm Springs womenfolk, which horrifies Monaco. While Casey is equally disgusted that Monaco has a relationship with Armpit Lemon, a notorious rapper.
They work their way through this, with Casey telling Monaco he’s only an escort to lonely people. While Monaco tells Casey that she and Armpit are having difficulties over a clash of designer clothing.
Further they bond, as it turns out that in spite of wealth and fame neither had ideal childhoods.
As the night drags on the weather turns.
They discover more about each other. They are both often hungry; Casey out of lack of funds; Monaco as she has to be thin in front of the cameras.
Monaco gives Casey tips on how to operate more successfully as an escort. While he defends his ground, admitting that he doesn’t charge extra if he occasionally sleeps with his aged ladies.
“This is where you are going wrong.” Monaco informs him.
“What?! You’re worse than me!” opines Casey.
“If you’re supplying a service, you should charge accordingly.”
“But what if they say, no?”
“Casey, you’re in Palm Springs.” Monaco informs him, “Old ladies hunt in packs!”
It starts raining.
They have to huddle under Casey’s jacket. A wet Monaco suffering a hangover, is not an amicable companion; while increasing discomfort is clouding Casey’s night as further, in the darkness he falls and fractures his ankle. Monaco furnishes a splint and she makes him a crutch out of a branch, assisted by the contents of her handbag.
Monaco agrees that Casey can stay at her suite at the Riviera to recuperate when they come down off the mountain. Tentatively he asks her if she’ll be around. A kiss is the affirmative as the two continue to bond.
Monaco tells Casey the truth about Armpit. His real names Walter Spritzer and that the heads he bites off animals in his stage act are animatronic. Also, he’s a vegan who was trained at Julliard.
Casey admits his aged ladies aren’t really about fifty, as he previously told her, but are more like seventy-something and that he has been physically sick after bedding them.
Our intrepid mountaineers ponder on why they were thrown together by their parents, and up a mountain no less. Monaco tells Casey about the business that their fathers share. He knows nothing of this, estranged as he is from his parents. But they are building a shopping complex of gargantuan proportions and it is running out of funds. Monaco wonders if the motive was her fifty-million-dollar trust fund, which would go back to her parents if anything happens to her. Casey comes to his father’s aid, saying that he’s done some bad things, but never murder, not that he knows about anyway. And although they are outwardly sated at this fact, there remains an internal doubt.
It was Harpers bad luck to suddenly appear out of the darkness as Monaco attacks him, being proficient in Krav Maga.
As Harper falls over an abyss, he takes Monaco and Casey with him and they all disappear into the darkness. However, Harper’s yell is the longest as he takes a real fall as the others land on a ledge.
Scrambling up covered in mud, our heroes venture on how near they came to being killed and continue their trek.
Harper it seems is no more.
A further confrontation with a mountain lion has Casey keeping it at bay with his trusty crutch. Monaco jumps up on his back and pepper sprays the animal who goes scurrying off.
Casey is annoyed. “I had that!”
“So? What are you doing for the rest of my life?” asks Monaco.
Morning comes at last.
Our heroes look like they’ve been out in the mountains for weeks, covered in mud, their clothes ripped. Monaco has a wheal across her face as Casey carelessly hit her with a tree branch. While he has a massive bump on his head as well as various cuts, bruises and the fractured ankle.
They try not to look at each other.
As they walk back towards the tram station: Monaco has a realization.
“Casey. If father wanted me dead, wouldn’t it be with a high-velocity rifle from a few hundred yards?”
“And, would the assassin leave a light on in his tent?” says Casey as previously that was the case.
“Ohmygosh!” shouts Monaco. “What have we done?!”
They backtrack and reach the abyss. Harper with a broken leg is pissed. Their apology and offer of rescue are not having the desired effect.
A passing Park Ranger, stunned at their appearance offers assistance. They decline his offer and arm-in-arm walk back to the station unaided, telling him to concentrate on Harper.
They walk through the tram station, the staff immediately take them back down, each wearing similar looks of incredulity at their condition.
Monaco helps Casey back into the T-Bird, and she drives along the dusty road back to Palm Springs.
Our pair of heroes are smug, satisfied that they have survived the ordeal. That is until the T-Bird runs out of gas before it reaches the main road. Monaco looks at Casey accusingly. But they soon see the funny side.
A Rolls-Royce coming towards them at speed, stops and Armpit Lemon gets out horrified by Monaco’s appearance. He bundles her into the back of the car and says he’s taking her immediately to hospital.
The Rolls returns. Monaco tries to give Casey a roll of money and her apologies. He takes neither, throwing the roll back in the Rolls before the door closes. It speeds off, covering Casey with even more dust.
Further he sits.
In the distance, he looks at someone walking towards him. He smiles through the dust, only his eyes and mouth visible.
It is Monaco with a can of gas.
In a fancy LA eatery, Casey and Monaco are sitting at a table with both sets of parents and his younger brother with his hooker girlfriend. All looks wonderful as they toast the happy couple’s engagement.
Across the road is an Army Hummer. Inside is Harper looking through binoculars at the restaurant.
At the end of the meal, Monaco’s dad makes his excuses saying he’ll get a Uber.
As the limo takes everyone else home, Robert Moore walks across the road to the awaiting Hummer.
In the limo a message is received by Casey on his phone. He looks serious.
Monaco says, “What?”
Casey just shakes his head and continues to look glum.


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The Writer: Jason Cooper

Ex pat English man, tired of the new films, longs for the days of Peter Sellers, Walter Matthau, and Jack Lemmon. Subsequently, my movies harken back to the days of fun humuorous movies before CGI. Go to bio

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