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When Billionaire Dolan Dene becomes the first person to successfully receive the Singularity, everyone should be able to live forever, right?

By Jason Cooper

2050 A.D. When octogenarian billionaire Dolan Dene bankrolls the Singularity, he became the first person who could potentially live forever. Prof. Jeremy Hill the genius behind the operation, thinks he has chosen wisely in Dolan. After all, the mans fabulous foodstuff empire keeps the world from the consumption of animals, and Dolan had a spare one-point-one-billion to bankroll the procedure. One problem: Jeremy’s operation was to become known before he wanted thanks to a whistle-blower. Thus the world was beating a path to his door, all wanting the procedure and wanting it NOW. In spite of his telling the world that it wasn’t possible the death threats came, made even by those who usually don’t send death threats. And when the good professor succumbed to one of them, he had chosen Dolan to take the Singularity to its ultimate conclusion. In his compound Dolan surrounded by a force-field meant to keep climate change and the world at bay, aside from his wife Raven, Dolan had no intention of singulating anyone. He considered humans a blight; the only animal not integrated with the planet. No, Dolan thought that the Earth would benefit greatly from the eradication of the human race. To make them live longer was putting a death sentence on the planet. All the while the mysterious figure of Roger Smith worked away in his laboratory with a demeanor that made Dolan positively sociable. It was Dolan’s arch-enemy Denny Shute who murdered the good professor. Shute hated Dene for a long time, ever since he stole Raven away from his side. He being the one to live forever was too much for him to endure. 2055 A.D. In the last five years Dolan and Raven’s life of fantastic luxury continued unabated.
Now Singulated also - although Raven hasn’t noticed - within the confines of their palatial residence life carried on as normal. Outside, Dolan had become Public Enemy Number 1. His food empire collapsed such was the unpopularity his name engendered. Every government and nearly all the population of the planet hated him for denying them the right to live forever. Surrounding his residence the Burning Man Group had a permanent home it seemed. A shanty-town of over a quarter of a million people were camping around, trying anything possible to impinge on his way of life and stopping him from leaving his lair. From all walks of life, from all over the planet people had come to protest. For his part, Dolan thought someone apart from Jeremy would have come up with a solution by now. Androids were plenty; it seemed where the professor was light-years ahead was the development of the artificial brain that would take over from the human version. Seeing as Dene was situated in the Mojave Desert, it was the task of General Cheetham to bring him down. He learned to hate Dolan as much as Denny Shute. Roger Smith was picked-up by the army soon after he left Dene’s lair, his task completed. He was of little help, explaining that he had to leave all his work behind when he left Dolan’s employ. All he could tell was that he had perfected the artificial brain that Dolan and Raven were now using. A job with the U.S. Government was offered, even though as he explained reproducing the process without the equipment was a task that would take decades. Cheetham could cry. He didn’t have decades. After rounding up the shanty town and sending them way, a battered Roger Smith showed-up at Dolan’s door. Unthinking, Dolan let him in, only to discover that he was an android with the task of taking the Dene’s into custody. Such was his strength, if it was Dolan himself he would have succeeded. It was only with Raven’s intervention was the artificial Roger beaten. If General Cheetham couldn’t defeat Dolan, then surely the next best thing was not to have to look at him. Massive diggers buried the compound under the Mojave Desert. “How do you like those apples, Dene?” asked Cheetham. “Whatever,” came the relaxed reply.

Life for Raven and Dolan would carry on under the desert as it had on top. And blissfully; forever. As for Denny Shute, using all his money getting to the professor, he had come up with an idea that would re-float his lifestyle. All the world needed a panacea from not being able to share the reality of eternal life. Denny started a worldwide franchise to teach people to come to terms with their finite life. THE END.

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The Writer: Jason Cooper

Ex pat English man, tired of the new films, longs for the days of Peter Sellers, Walter Matthau, and Jack Lemmon. Subsequently, my movies harken back to the days of fun humuorous movies before CGI. Go to bio

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