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Forever the Fool

Dead-set on 'gettin sum paybacks' for years of childhood abuse, the dimwitted redneck-duo of Jack and Diane suffer Karma's wrath when their scheme goes all to hell.



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Costumes, contest prizes, a bundle of balloons, betrayal and murder lead three endearing characters down a twisting, turning path of deceit to a most-fitting end.

Forever the Fool's revenge plot takes place on perhaps the worst day of all days to get away with revenge, April Fools Day, but that's what makes it brilliant.

After months of preparation Jack and Diane are ready to execute some well-earned payback upon Jack's uncle and long-time abuser, Charlie Fluzelworth, a crabby, suspicious and well-armed ol' coot.

Apparently aware of Uncle Charlie's tendency to shoot first, and shoot second, before even thinking about asking a question, Jack has devised a plan that will even the odds, allowing him while in disguise to brandish a shotgun within close range of his antagonist and Jack takes full advantage of his superior position to end the abuse once and for all. What follows is a Karmic ride the likes of which Fable's are born.

Being dialog driven, (leaving plenty of room for improvisation and editing), Forever the Fool moves at a much quicker pace than its page-count of 11 would suggest. Couple that with its low production costs and Forever the Fool becomes a very attractive project for the independent comedy producer and student filmmaker alike.

** Potential Spoilers Ahead:

(4) speaking characters and a few extras
While this is written with generic redneck-speak, it could be done with any voice affect and made to fit any characters

Lead: JACK (35) a small man with white skin and a red tan
Co-lead: DIANE (33) a dim-witted girl sporting hiked-up over-alls and low-hanging bangs
Supporting: UNCLE CHARLIE (64) a thin old man with false-buck teeth and a farmers-tan
Supporting: HAIRY MAN (any) a hairy bearded man in a bikini

Extras: A couple more hairy bearded men in bikini's - the Police Officers are implied with a red flashing light on the brick wall


INT. Trailer Living Room - Day
INT. Van - Day
EXT. Trailer Porch - Day
INT. Mansion Bedroom - Day
EXT. Poolside - Day
EXT. Check Cashing Store - Night

Just as with the characters, the locations are flexible and this story can take place in the city just as easily as it could in the country

Also the mansion does not need to be a mansion, just a nice room with an impression of luxury and a hint of red

The check cashing store, Billy's Borrowed Bucks, is a made up name and a simple brick wall will do the trick


(1) bundle of balloons
(1) giant cardboard check
(2) shotguns
(1) smiling Non Alcoholic Beer Label
(1) Billy's Borrowed Bucks and Check Cashing Services Outlet sign (optional)

The song referenced in the script, My Girl, is for comedic reasons and because it seems most fitting, but the chances of getting the rights are slim, or could be costly, so really any music would work as long as it is not something the character would enjoy. There are plenty of old public domain tunes that could accomplish the same goal and be used free of charge


From the Author:
I have shared this script with a few people and they all love the twists and could not see what was coming so I think Forever the Fool can be a great little comedy short. Please let me know if you would like to have a go at it or if you have any further questions. I'll give you the script for free if you give me the writing credit.

Thank you for your interest.


Submitted: October 14, 2016
Last Updated: December 1, 2016

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