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Gang of One: Hurricane Ron

To save his family from a sheriff out for his blood, a journalist must help a tough-as-nails FBI agent take down a biker gang that uses military skills to grow a criminal empire.



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Hurricane Ron; A Novel

Gang of One: Hurricane Ron is a study in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and moral ambivalence set at the pace of a Gulf Coast hurricane. TV journalist and combat veteran Ron McKee’s strong principles put him and his family in the crosshairs of a corrupt sheriff, and his trainwreck of a personal life puts him smack in the middle of an outlaw motorcycle gang’s violent crime spree. To make things right, Ron must help a tough-as-nails FBI veteran put an end to the gang’s work and face off with the sheriff – all while a Category Three hurricane makes landfall.

Gang of One: Hurricane Ron is an author-adapted, feature-length screenplay based on the crime fiction novel "Hurricane Ron." The adaptation is on Coverfly's RED LIST for the Month of April, and is Coverfly top 10% rated (see more successes below). There are opportunities for sequels, prequels and/or a series based on existing character arcs. An IMDB top 1000 actor requested the adaptation.

The novel, released in 2015 by Dagger Books – an imprint of Second Wind Publishing, was one of Crime Fiction Lover Magazine's "Ten to Taste in 2015;" Acclaimed Books' "People's Choice;" and has rave reviews from readers and authors. The novel and screenplay are copyright protected all rights for print and other media have reverted to Mr. Hatch. Two publishers have expressed interest in a package set of the novel accompanied by its sequel "Hurricane Ron: Convergence Zone."

From WeScreenplay: "This is a very well written script. Such memorable characters, great dialogue, a compelling story, and
really cool action set pieces. That's the word I'd use to describe this; cool. Normally, I start by looking for things to cut, and here, there really isn't much fat. The script is tight, and engaging all the way through. Trust me, that's more rare than you think. The biker gang is so bad ass. They're actually competent and effective villains, which makes them a legitimate threat"

"Your opening scene was great. Put us right in the action, and showed us who we were dealing with. I think there's a tendency to make militia types into caricatures, but these guys feel true to life, which is much scarier. And the way the cops are complicit ads this menace to the whole thing. Likewise, Ron is a fantastic lead. I love the mix of him being a very effective, principled journalist contrasted against his chaotic family life. It's a realistic, and sympathetic portrayal. He's not perfect, but he's very likable. Ron's antagonism to the police is really admirable, and I think audiences will root for him."

"I also really like the background thing of the storm approaching. Like the cops, it provides a
metaphorical and literal darkness over the whole script. These are the kind for small details that
separate a good script from a great script. I could go on, but the point is, almost everything in this
script is really working for me. You do a great job of keeping the tension high, and finding new ways to
put obstacles in Ron's path."

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Award-winning, IMDB top 1500 actor with action film and television experience on board.

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Coverfly Red List
Coverfly Top 4% of All Projects
Semifinalist, StoryPros International Screenplay Contest 15th Annual - 2021
Quarterfinalist, Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition 2021-2022
Semifinalist, Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards 2022
Quarterfinalist, WeScreenplay Feature Contest 2022
Quarterfinalist, Emerging Screenwriters Genre Contest 2022
Quarterfinalist, The Script Lab Free Screenwriting Contest 2022

Submitted: January 2, 2022
Last Updated: August 12, 2022

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The Writer: CJ Hatch

A multi-decade broadcast and print journalist turned PR pro, CJ branched out a few years ago into the long-form literary world with the publication of HURRICANE RON (a 2015 Crime Fiction Lover "Ten to Taste" ), for which he was approached to adapt into a screenplay as a vehicle for a well-known actor. That endeavor is in the top 4% of Coverfly's discoverable projects and is on their Red List for several months running. HR is a Top 10, in the Table Read My Screenplay Genre Screenplay Competition Summer 2022 , Quarterfinalist in The Script Lab - TSL Free Screenplay Contest 2022 , Quarterfinalist in the WeScreenplay Feature Contest 2022 , Quarterfinalist in the Emerging Screenwriters - Genre... Go to bio
Law Firm: Cozen - O'Connor
Lawyer: Camille M. Miller

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