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Gary's Favorite Show

A strung out computer guru finds himself in hot water after taking a dirty job laundering money that attracts the attention of an oddball cast of characters.



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Gary’s Favorite Show is a surrealist comedy about a strung out and defeated Computer Guru named Gary, who’s complete lack of self esteem leads him to take a criminal programming gig for the nefarious mob outfit, the Lemoli’s. Disguised as the dirty hookup app “Explicit Connections” is in fact a money laundering scheme run by the Lemoli’s and funded by Russian Operatives for their disinformation campaigns.

In addition to getting paid under the table Gary’s boss Mike Lemoli also pays him with large amounts of Gary’s abuse of choice, Adderall. What was meant to be an aid for laser focused concentration instead spectacularly backfires. He’s brought the company offline due to a catastrophic programming error and has until midnight to fix it or else face the consequences of Russian Operatives. But, not before getting his balls fed to Mike’s pet Piranhas. To top this off there’s another problem. The eccentric and always odd Gary has become obsessed with building a television that can read your mind and record it on videotape.

What follows is a soul searching, mind bending shit show involving a Low Rider named Felix, the Goth activist/lead singer of the VeXXed Brenda (code named Anemone), an incredibly creepy and perverted ex CIA operative Stan, the Ghost of Gary’s Grandma and Kyle.

These literal strangers don’t realize it yet but they’re all about to become key players in Gary’s Favorite Show.

Submitted: April 19, 2021
Last Updated: May 5, 2021

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The Writer: Em Leonard

I'm Em Leonard, produced screenwriter, traditionally published author and professional musician. Screenwriting credits (as Mario Ponce) include independent features starring Amy Smart, Grant Bowler, Kevin Nealon and Will Spencer. In addition, I penned the audio horror series "What Happened at Great Times Amusements" (season one). Literary works include debut novel "The Mictlan Murders" published by Bards and Sages Publishing, several works published in the acclaimed 'Horror Bites Magazine', and a self published horror collection titled "Summer's Over". Music credits include Lifetime's "Lisa Williams, life among the Dead", MTV's "Wanna Come In?" and "I used to be Fat", VH1's "Scott Baio is... Go to bio

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