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Guilty Conscious

In the near future where the terminally ill have their consciousness placed into violent-criminal’s bodies, a detective spirals back into his addiction as he investigates the mysterious death of his oldest friend.



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In the year 2042 the world is very similar to ours except technology is slightly more advanced with cars and other day-to-day technological items assisted by artificial intelligence even more. The most significant development in an otherwise grounded future is the “Downloading Procedure” where terminally ill patients have their consciousness placed into criminals’ bodies. Why should a law-abiding person with a terminal illness die while a criminal either wastes his/her life in prison or is executed?
David Kintrik, a recovered addict, serves as the lead detective on Downloading cases, vetting the eligibility of potential criminal candidates. David begins to struggle with his addiction and butts heads with his younger and sheepish partner Eric Moore, about a new addendum to the downloading policy. The addendum allows the downloading penalty to be enforced on criminals who committed their crimes before the invention of the penalty, including criminals who already served their sentence. David is vehemently opposed to this extension because he believes that people shouldn’t be punished retroactively for a crime, especially when they’ve already served their time. David meets with his oldest friend Robert Burch, a supposedly beloved businessman and Hollywood producer, in hopes that Robert’s influence can get the addendum revoked. Robert reveals to David that he may be in favor of this new policy and needs to think it over, pushing David closer to the edge.
The next day Robert’s estranged son, Seth, is found in the wreckage of a motorcycle accident just outside town. David goes to Robert’s house to tell him that Seth’s in the hospital but when David arrives at the house he finds Robert… dead. Crushed, David insists to the police chief that he and Eric should lead the investigation despite his personal ties. The chief reluctantly agrees, and the two detectives go on a deep dive into Robert’s personal life, business, and political relationships. Was he killed because he supported the addendum, was it the result of an old Hollywood feud, or was Seth’s visit not as innocent as it seemed?

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Quarterfinalist, WeScreenplay Feature Contest 2018

Submitted: November 14, 2021
Last Updated: December 10, 2021

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The Writer: Ariel Mayer

I am a self-taught writer and have been writing for over 6 years. I have written many scripts across a multitude of genres and I enjoy exploring different genres as each genre has something unique to offer. I worked as a creative consultant at Intrinsic Value Films from October 2019 to October of 2020 where I would read and analyze scripts that were in consideration for development. As of today, I am always working on a new script while also fine-tuning my older scripts. Go to bio

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