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Hell is an Innocent Man

After a struggling screenwriter is wrongly accused of being a notorious serial killer, a semi-retired attorney will be the only thing that stands between him and the electric chair.



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Hell is an Innocent Man is an intense crime court drama that follows a trial regarding the innocence of a convicted serial killer who is also a Hollywood writer. Mark Morris, the man accused, hires a lawyer to help defend his case but his skill isn’t the best nor is his reputation. His lawyer and an old friend from law school work to build a case and defend Mark Morris.

Mark Morris is a young Hollywood writer who decides to investigate crime scenes across Los Angeles to gain inspiration and new ideas on his next project. After visiting one too many crime scenes of the serial killer The K-Town Slasher and fleeing the scene, he would be arrested on the speculation that he is The K-Town Slasher. Mark’s case isn’t improved since a lot of his personal life ties into The K Town Slasher. To help prove his innocence, Mark’s mother would hire a lawyer named Tyler Minsaw to defend him. Tyler’s reputation isn’t the most reputable and his skills are not the best, which is why Mark, and his family could afford him. After meeting Mark, Tyler would conclude that Mark is truly an innocent man that he only wanted to gain some inspiration on his projects. The main concern that Tyler has for the case is that the DA would either aim for the death penalty or life in jail, the DA is known to give the death penalty.

To help him work on the case, Tyler calls his old friend from law school, Gray Collins. His friend is a lot more reputable and expensive, which makes him the best for the case. After a few days and dealing with his current clients, Gray would eventually join Tyler on the case and assist in defending Mark.

While Tyler and Gray work on the case, Mark has his own issues locked up. Mark finds out that one of the prisoners in his unit was related to a victim of the K-Town Slasher. This knowledge makes Mark fear for his life and aim to get as far away as possible from this prisoner. His first attempt was to tell a guard but since there is not clear expressed motive and that Mark wouldn’t give the name of the prisoner they couldn’t help. One day in jail Mark gets spooked from what looked like the knife coming towards him, so he attacks a guard which sends him to solitary confinement. Tyler and Gray would later be notified that the DA is aiming at a 15-year plea deal and not the death penalty; however, Mark refuses the offer so that he can get his time in court to prove his innocence. Tyler and Gray begin to build up Mark’s case for the first day of trial where the defendant, Mark, pleads not guilty.

The rest of the series follows Tyler and Gray working on the case before the main trial begins and the story aims to emphasize the slowness of the justice system. While they build the case, Gray studies older cases and more information, Gray comes to believe that there is some doubt behind Mark’s innocence. This show follows an intense court trial revolving around crime, which is how similar shows such as The People VS OJ Simpson and Better Call Saul were like in a way. There is a big audience for crime-based court shows, and Hell is an Innocent Man will be able to satisfy the audiences while at the same time introduce new methods of court trial storytelling to avoid repetition of hit court shows. With the end of the successful series Better Call Saul there is an open market for a show that is based around lawyers, crime, murder, and court drama.

Submitted: February 14, 2022
Last Updated: April 20, 2023

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The Writer: Scott Sawitz

I like to write character studies of complex, flawed people within a genre framework. I funded, cast, shot and released a web series in under a calendar year. You can watch "Confessions of a Superhero" on YouTube in its entirety. I've had two scripts optioned: "The Merc: Fake Tales of a Real Man" by Pause 'n' Rewind Studios and "Three Generations of Me" by But Why Productions. A third, the adaptation of Bob Hamer's novel "The Last Undercover," is currently in development. My original short film, "The Executioner's Dilemma," was a semi-finalist at the 2020 Iron Bridge Film Festival. I just finished post-production on my feature film "Save State," the badass love child of "Clerks" and "Source... Go to bio

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