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Hell On Heels "The Boss's Daughter"

After the death of her mother to cancer. SABRINA goes from a good girl to a wild child in a matter of years.



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Set in Detroit, Michigan, the home of MOTOWN, The Auto Capital of the world. SABRINA MICHAELS, the daughter of Billionaire KENNETH MICHAELS, goes from a sweet girl to a Wild Child after the loss of her mother to cancer. But her father doesn't give up on her. And he prays to God to help her through her difficult time in her life.

When her father has a stroke and is in a coma. Sabrina' by his bedside praying for God the help her father. But God has other plans for her and visits her in a dream in the hospital. Telling her not to be afraid and to do what he places in her heart. Then the sounds of the life support machine' alarms wake's her from her dream as her father dies. While she at the gravesite of her mother and father. She grieves uncontrollably with the pain and loss of both her parents. She's then visited a second time by God. who then heals her of her pain and tells her to go and do what he has placed in her heart.

Sabrina now with a new zest for life. Leave's her loser boyfriend and returns to her father's house and the life she once knew. After receiving a phone call from her father's Lawyer about the directions of her father's will for the company he founded. Sabrina is now faced with the signing over her father's company to money-grabbing lawyers or taking over the company herself. She then remembers what God has told her and does what the Lord has placed in her heart. And becomes The Boss's Daughter!

Submitted: October 12, 2020
Last Updated: August 26, 2021

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The Writer: Kenneth M Sutton

My name is Kenneth M. Sutton, I am a screenwriter from Michigan. I have written Fifteen screenplays, Eight are Full Feature Films titled "The Rock Star and the Lady" and "Guerrilla Force" just to name a few. I am also the winner of The Short Script Award by ACCORD CINE FEST for my TV Pilot titled "Like A Cat" . If you liked the 1971 movie "Shaft" then you're gonna love "Jimmy Quinn" "He's one bad mother, shut yo mouth, Jimmy!" I have just completed my 4th episode for the screenplay titled "Like A Cat / Monkey See, Monkey Do." a Comedy/Action/Adventure/Drama. And I am now currently working on a few new screenplays for 2021. I have a New screenplay completed, titled " Hell On Heels - The Boss... Go to bio
Agency: Free Agent
Agent: Free Agent
Manager: Free Agent

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