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A man suffering from recurring nightmares leads police to a serial killer who hunts unfaithful women. Who's the hero? It depends on who you ask.

House of Bad Dreams is a Horror tale that revolves around the life of carpenter Jack Bedford, a man who suffers from recurring nightmares.

Jack lives with his girlfriend, Amy, in a quiet suburb where young women are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Amy asks Jack to see her friend Justin, a grade-school guidance counselor with a degree in psychology, to help him with his problems. Jack reluctantly agrees, but soon goes to the police after he recognizes one of the women from his nightmares displayed on a "missing" poster.

Jack meets Detectives Garcia and Lang who immediately label him as a suspect. When it becomes apparent that Jack is innocent, he agrees to undergo a series of hypnosis sessions. Through hypnosis, the detectives are able to communicate with a masked man nicknamed "Mister Clean". Eventually we discover his connection to Jack.

This mysterious masked man murdered Jack's mother when Jack was a baby and also happens to be Jack's father.

Mister Clean lives alone on a large isolated lot in the boonies and works as a doorman at a popular suburban bar. He's created a twisted world where he considers himself a hero. The pond near his home is the final resting place of the missing women.

And what horrible crime did these women commit to be dealt such awful fates?.......... They cheated on their boyfriends.

After Mister Clean's reign of terror comes to an end, Jack discovers that Amy and Justin are more than just friends. Will Jack follow in his Daddy's footsteps? Hmmmmmm.

This script was heavily influenced by the Silent horror films of the 1920's. While the story definitely has its violent moments, it relies more on suspense and the overall creepiness of the Mister Clean character to frighten the audience.

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The Writer: James Ziolkowski

Movies have always been a big part of my life. My junior high school years were a blur of root beer, junior mints, and 2nd run movies at the Des Plaines theatre. 50-cent Tuesdays were a dream come true for a kid growing up without cable TV . I would eventually go on to manage a movie theatre for 4 years that was one of the last in the Chicagoland area to play 35mm prints. I spent the majority of my time there building prints, trailer packs, and threading the old-school projectors. I had already written numerous screenplays and won awards in various genres by the time I started working at the theatre. But it kind of became my unofficial film school as I lived, breathed, and slept movies... Go to bio