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: A strong young woman with a dream to teach is kidnapped and sold into the brothels of India where she must fight to keep her identity.

In a rural village in India, fifteen-year-old ANYA is only a week away from her wedding. She is a sweet-natured but strong-willed girl with a heart to teach. Her nickname is Bul Bul: songbird because of her beautiful voice. Walking alone, she meets KEDAR, her betrothed, who kidnaps and then sells her to cover his debts. Taken to Calcutta, she is sold to KUVAL. There, she is raped, beaten and has a live cobra thrown into her room. In shock, she gives in and stops fighting.

A young boy who witnessed the kidnapping, runs and tells Anya’s parents. They visit Kedar’s father. When confronted, Kedar lies and his father believes him, annuls the marriage and forces Anya’s parents to leave. A neighbor tells them about the brothels of Calcutta and they leave immediately.

Anya sits inside a cage on her balcony. Two missionaries passing by with their guide, PATRICK stop to speak to her. One has just enough time to remind her that she is a person and she is somebody before Kuval comes.

That night, Kuval is told by a law official that Anya’s parents are looking for her. They had found Patrick who told them that he had seen Anya the day before. They rush to the brothel but just miss her as Kuval whisks her and SABRI, another prostitute, away to Daulatdia, Bangladesh.

As Kuval sells the women to RAMITA, a local madam, Anya runs away. Nadir chases and catches her. Ramita refuses to buy Anya and rents Kuval two rooms. The next day, Anya meets RANI, a spirited young woman, and they become best friends.

Following a group of children, Anya discovers a missionary school. Elated, she asks if she can watch. She’s embraced by the school and, particularly its teacher, Jacob who gives her the opportunity to help teach. This also leads to a small school in her room for the women. At night, she works for Kuval.

Three years pass. Jacob and Anya grow closer, but must hide it as Kuval’s obsession with her grows. Jacob confesses his love and asks her to run away with him. She agrees. Later in her room, Anya tells Rani everything. That evening, an enraged Kuval comes bursts in her room. He knows everything. Anya begs for Jacob’s life and an agreement is made that she will never see Jacob again and will stop teaching at the school.

Jacob and the school’s director create a plan to help Anya escape, but they are seen. Kuval pulls his gun and follows. He chases them to where a car is waiting then shoots Jacob in the back. Anya pleads with the driver to take Jacob while she blocks Kuval. The driver takes him, leaving Anya to face Kuval’s wrath.

A documentary crew filming the lives of the brothel women is guided to Ramita. In repayment to a kindness which Anya did for her, Ramita unlocks Anya’s door and lets them in. Anya is a mass of bruises, filthy, and starved, but at Ramita’s prompting, she begins to sing. The news crew is stunned. The song flows out of Daulatdia, into the internet and into JULIE KIRKLAND’S office in a major recording studio. Julie rescues Anya and brings her and Rani to America.

The next day, a major magazine follows Anya and Rani as they have facials, their hair done, clothes shopping and lunch. This is followed by Anya’s first recorded song which becomes an instant hit. KENNY, a bodyguard, disappears and returns with a surprise – Jacob. Anya and Jacob begin again to build their relationship. It is obvious to them both that, though they grateful for the opportunity that Julie has given, their hearts are still to teach.

When Anya completes her first stage performance, she reminds Julie of her promise that she could go and visit her parents. Their reunion is everything Anya dreamed and her fears of rejection are put to rest. Anya and Jacob decide to live in India and teach at Daulatdia between recordings. With Kenny’s discovery that, after killing Kuval, Nadir was killed in a knife fight, there is nothing for them to fear. They are free and Anya has a testimony: no matter how difficult your situation, believe in your dreams because, despite what anyone may say, you are somebody.

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The Writer: April J. Miller

I have been writing since elementary school; it’s not what I do, it’s who I am. I started writing seriously in my early thirties. Taking a course with the Institute of Children’s Literature, I’ve had several stories and articles published in magazines. One book, Padrone: War Horse of Heaven was picked up by Tate Publishing. In 2013, I was asked by a friend to write a secondary script to accompany her Christian sit—com, and found my passion. Since that time, I have written six movie scripts, learning more with each one. Living in rural Georgia on a limited income has proven to be a challenge, but one I am determined to overcome. Waiting on my school bus for the children to be dismissed, I... Go to bio

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