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Four people who are disillusioned in their marriages decide to cheat on their partners but their hedonistic search to fill the void, unexpectedly draws them much closer to home.



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Tanya and Paul. Greta and Marco. Two seemingly happy and successful couples residing in the city's leafy green belt, the envy of others. Behind closed doors attempting to play out a perfect daily existence, obeying the norms expected but each harbours a secret need for change. Fearing to come clean with each other they're unfulfilled, instead they open a door to an alternative world. Entering a web of deceit and lies they attempt to fill the void in their lives, unaware a portal has been opened they might not be able to close.
Paul fears if he tries any harder he'll lose Tanya altogether, the two weeks spent in a romantic Maldives retreat and splashing his bonuses on her has drawn them further apart. She's given up all hope on re kindling their once exciting monogamous relationship, now filling her role of perfect hostess aswell as boss of her own company. Their clockwork routine of playing out the suburban dream has robbed their organic spontaneity and lust for each other.
Marco shrugs off his marital status as simply being normality and carries on with his lifetime role of serial adulterer. After all, it was exactly the same for his parents and countless generations before. Greta however, doesn't want the brotherly and sisterly housemates scenario their marriage has turned out. She craves the crazy danger of a misspent youth she never had, a life mapped out since youth, executed in stale and predictable security. She tries pastures new, learning how to make herself exciting enough to gain "Mistress" status and get the attention she truly deserves.
No party wants to hurt the other, after all it's just harmless fun but their hedonistic escape route unexpectedly draws them much closer to home than ever before. Searching for the magic bullet they feel they lack, they embark on a journey only to discover what they really needed all along....may now be unattainable.

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Actors and director and some funding but someone can make this their own project. Also the separate micro stories within one macro umbrella can be broken down into shorts. It's an ongoing scenario that can adhere to any set time sequence.

Submitted: July 3, 2020
Last Updated: July 3, 2020

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The Writer: Debbie Croysdale

Many thanks to CJ for being the champion of SCRIPT REVOLUTION. Been an avid supporter since day one and it's my no 1 read, to unwind in any free time, along with Huck. It's a Buzz this maverick vision has now formed into being a catalyst in bringing artists and industry professionals together. Artists need to be able to steer their own course without unnecessary obstacles and prejudices, as is often found in the hotbeds of closed shop cronyism and ancient Industry rules designed to block newcomers. I've only just got around to joining because my best projects were already post produced/sponsored when SR began, but now it's necessary to join before access to all reading material. As part of... Go to bio

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