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SERIAL EPISODE. A student falls in love but the end is not that quick, right after the communist system influenced hard laws while his life image appears to him often as a portrait of hope.



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After completing high school in 1991, Lir contests for the medicine branch in university. The pharmacy branch has been given to him. He leaves his small town located in southern Albania to head to the capital for the continuation of his studies. He is staying in a room with two other classmates. In the first few weeks, he falls in love with his classmate Anna. The start’s always easy compare to the end. This is a time right after the communist system influenced people with opinions, words, rumours and hard laws which isolated the female. He starts to use clever methods he knows to contact and talk to her. The girl seems to be rather focused on graduating and not on hanging out with anyone. Her girlfriend, who is also her roommate and classmate, gives her a hand in creating this relationship. The student group often has events. In the beginning, all have pure spirits, and as the years are passing by everyone tries to get involved in their own way, based on their own concerns. Their families remain involved while giving their opinions on their couple. At many and difficult instances, his life image appears to him often, with whom he has debates about the results of his past and future. Trying to seek help, it is understood that the best help is his own mind and shoulders. Similar situations are taking place outside the country as well, which best demonstrates well-being, understanding, relationships between friends, family, institutions.

Submitted: October 10, 2021
Last Updated: October 10, 2021

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The Writer: Ilir Garxenaj

Writer, Author, Screen play, Comedy show, Novel. Every one of us goes through a story every day, but there are only two types of people: (1) Those who leave the daily stories that happened to them in the past to be forgotten. (2) Those who collect these daily stories and write them on paper. Go to bio

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