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Rising family

SERIAL COMEDY SHOW. A European immigrant family is moving to North America for a better life and to achieve their goals, the characters employ clever methods but comedic situations inadvertently take place.



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It's a family of four, a middle-aged couple with two sons, aged 19 and 17. The story starts on the plane before arrival. It's the first time they travel by airplane. I picked their first time because everyone was a beginner at everything on earth and as such, they have their own way of behaving.

A few obstacles that they face at first are the language barrier and how things work differently in this new society. This creates misunderstandings which lead to comical situations in the new environment, especially in scenes involving the airplane, airport, bus, hotel, stores, supermarkets, work, etc. As an immigrant family, they try to resolve situations based on their previous mentality, which can contrast North American characters’ mentality. Because of this, they make a scene, wherever they may be.

After their arrival, we see their first few North American experiences, such as the immigration offices, hospitals, as well as their first time in the new city itself. The main characters change their names to more pronounceable ones as many immigrants do.
Considering that the characters have just arrived, the first episodes show how they start to learn about the area, markets, society.

As the episodes go by, these characters are faced with new challenges and storylines like creating friendships, finding a few jobs at the same time, developing love interests and rising in this new society. Whether it’s with work, school or relationships, it is apparent how this family gradually integrates into their new country.

Besides the clash of cultures, comedy has to do with stories in their everyday life. On top of this, each episode has its own theme, such as deception, jealousy, corruption, bullying, laziness, gambling, taking advantage... At the end of the episode, values like honesty, hard work, love, help and generosity are brought up as the problem is resolved.

North America is made up of immigrants and this comedy has newcomers well as North American characters. They see themselves in it or a piece of themselves. The comedy lies in how both parties react when attempting to understand each other and resolve situations.

Submitted: February 16, 2021
Last Updated: October 31, 2021

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