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A false prophet. An apocalypse. A demon. An epic battle and fight for mankind's soul. Can God’s chosen one overcome the dark forces, threatening to destroy us all?

Synopsis: A spiritual battle is a main thread of the story; this begins with Philip Marshal, doing the first half of the ritual as written about by John Dee in the late 1500s.

Thus, he gains all human knowledge and the ability to perform miracles, this is depicted by Philip walking into a hospital and curing the sick. Whilst the numbers of Philip’s faithful grow, privately we see a man slowly corrupted by the power. He begins his campaign on poverty and pollution. This will manifest in the need for population control and by releasing plagues on earth.

Our hero is Summer, a relatively normal young women. Much loved by her family, we see the constant struggle as she clashes with them. As she fights for independence. Her bravery is deemed as foolishness. As the episodes progress, her bravery will no longer be depicted as foolish and the people closest to her, will appreciate that their survival depends on it.

The story can be likened an integration of several, very different works; I wanted the landscape to change with the progression of the characters, so all the different aspects are not integrated immediately and nor do they follow a linear path. Each one instead are like layers on a cake.

We start with what would be a likeness to Contagion, an apocalyptic virus which starts to breakdown the structures of society. This overlaps slightly with elements of Buffy. We have a young women, who is brave, strong and yet still feminine. No vampires but various supernatural elements and a demon.

As social structures break down further, there becomes that element of The post Man; the battle for survival and fight against a powerful foe, who controls a huge army – intent on controlling the survivors.

Finally the progression to magical battles; as epic as that in the Lord of the rings.

The setting;

The story is set in modern times and written so that (given a tweak or two), it could be set in almost any place and country. I deliberately chose not to limit the possibility of acceptance based on setting.

This is a fantasy / action story.

The Central Characters

God’s chosen one; Summer Henson, a young women who’s one remarkable thing about her is the strange dreams she has. The dreams link the other characters and she brings them together in the fight. She is but God’s agent and means of communication. A very flawed heroine who struggles against her inexperience and being compelled to make the choices that will pit her against a formidable foe.

The false prophet; Philip Marshal formally a small cult leader. He defies the angels and preforms the ritual, which gives him all knowledge of mankind and great powers. After walking into a hospital and curing all the sick publicly – few question his motives and he becomes worshipped on a mass scale.

The Demon; Trapped on the physical plain by Philip, tortured for his angelic knowledge. He perceives Philip’s arrogance and disrespectful treatment of him; a reason to aid Summer in his destruction. Summer (unknowing he is a demon), intercepts him on his escape.

The Wise Man; Sager, cast out of his community on the orders of the Catholic Church - for his love of another man, seeks redemption. He has built a refuge for Summer, protection from the plague now sweeping the earth.

The warrior: Hays Vincent might be considered an undesirable (a drug dealer). For those very reasons which makes him undesirable, are the very reasons he will be a hero in the future. Only circumstance dictates hero or foe, for our nature for the most, part remains constant.

Submitted: February 11, 2017
Last Updated: December 15, 2017

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The Writer: Claire Abbott

My two passions in life are Psychology (which I have a degree 2:1 Hon in) and writing. Over the years I have written; short stories, poems, lyrics and more recently scripts. My passion for writing began as a child and as a teenager was fortunate to build a strong friendship with an author called Jack Trevor Story (wrote The Trouble with Harry). I met Jack as he was selling some of his books on a stand as I walked home from school. A very sweet man, who helped me develop my story telling and introduce me to art of writing. I have thus far had small successes and have recently turned my creativity to script writing. Go to bio

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