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A young man battles against being engulfed by rage and desire to kill. Can his best friend save him? Or, will he too be drawn into his madness?

Synopsis (Dark Comedy)

Overview; Set in modern day Britain, the story follows two CSR's (customer service representatives). We begin with the main protagonist (Mike), who is in a basement and preparing to kill a victim. He offers to share with the audience, the accumulation of forces, which were instrumental in his journey as a serial killer;

Mike is tossing and turning in bed. The nightmare involves Mike being swept down a river of blood and struggles not to drown. In the dream he manages to grasp three branches, each representing different people in his life.

Mike lives in a shared house, with his best friend Phil. The pair both work as CSR’s for a law firm. The pair have a very close friendship, although their personalities are very different. Phil is an optimist; whilst Mike is more down to earth. The closeness of their relationship is demonstrated by their easy banter.

Beginning; Mike is despondent, he cannot afford support for his son, gets huge amounts of rejection letters for job applications and he works in an environment, where he witnesses individuals escape justice because they can afford the best defence. His parents are highly critical of his life style and his girlfriend dumps him for his boss.

Middle; The darkness consuming Mike, leads him to attempt to take revenge on society. This manifests with him setting out to kill those he takes issue with. Each murder attempt (except one), ends in failure and each time the victim dies in an accident. Each time he leaves a calling card ‘Thank You For Calling’.

None of these murder attempts go to plan: In the first attempt, he targets and nearly kills the wrong man. On realising his mistake the very drunken victim falls off his balcony just as Mike lurches with the knife. In the second Mike stumbles backwards into the victim, as he is backing out of the victims bedroom. The victim is pushed down the stairs, causing death. It is at this victims home that he meets Lucy – who stalks him. Both Phil and Lucy, secretly follow Mike to the third victims home. Hearing a commotion from inside the house Phil forcefully opens the door and impales the victim who is fleeing from Mike.

Phil confronts Mike. Mike admits he has a problem, but is convinced that if he can just get it out of his system (kill someone), he will be normal again. Phil reluctantly suggests the next victim and to go with him this time – as long as this is the end of it. This victim, seeing to knife welding men standing over her bed – dies from a heart attack.

Mike promises Phil he will make no more attempts.

End; Thanks to Phil, Mike’s life is turning around; Mike gets a gaming sponsorship with the ability to earn lots of money. He and Phil get their revenge on Jess (the office bitch, who dumped Mike for his boss and got Sarah, the girl Phil was smitten with fired). Mike and Lucy, the girl Mike meets at one of the victims homes; seem to be hitting it off. Mike promises Phil, that he will not try to kill again.

Mike is again thrown into crisis; He visits his parents to repay the money he owes and with the news of the gaming sponsorship. Less then enthusiastic, his parents do not consider playing computer games a responsible, proper job.

At the local pub, Mike gets a call from his mom. The call prompts the rage to resurface and he kills a well dressed man, who is nasty to a bar woman.

The story ends back in Mike’s basement. The victim he had there, is now dead on the operating table. This is the point we know beyond doubt, that Phil was not able to save Mike from the darkness.

Submitted: January 31, 2017
Last Updated: December 15, 2017

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The Writer: Claire Abbott

My two passions in life are Psychology (which I have a degree 2:1 Hon in) and writing. Over the years I have written; short stories, poems, lyrics and more recently scripts. My passion for writing began as a child and as a teenager was fortunate to build a strong friendship with an author called Jack Trevor Story (wrote The Trouble with Harry). I met Jack as he was selling some of his books on a stand as I walked home from school. A very sweet man, who helped me develop my story telling and introduce me to art of writing. I have thus far had small successes and have recently turned my creativity to script writing. Go to bio

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