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A man's life falls apart after turning 30 and he stumbles through trying to pick up the pieces. Its American Pie meets Friends.

David turns 30. He hates his job (Movie Theater Manager). He still lives with his parents. He is engaged, (A girl named Cheryl) but that all comes to an end.

Kyle is already 30. He pines for better days. He wishes for a legacy. To not be forgotten. He is David's best friend and he's sleeping with Cheryl. He's also married. (Susan) And she's pregnant. (4 1/2 months). But he's still an okay guy?

David finds himself quickly out of a job after a curse-laden tirade directed at a customer and then out of an engagement when he discovers his best friend and fiancé together. He races into the night in search of answers and a place to cry.

He awakes to a skateboard in the head. His new teenage, skateboarding friends admire the wound. At the hospital, he runs into Kyle and his wife. Tensions mount as Kyle reveals just how much he and Cheryl are in love.

It's back to the skateboard park for David and to his new friends. After a few days of bruises and scrapes from his new hobby, he joins Susan for lunch. And after getting beat up by a hobo, he inadvertently reveals Kyle's infidelity to his wife. And then promptly sleeps with her for comfort.

Kyle joins his wife, Susan, for a lovely dinner. Unfortunately, it's his fall from grace. Susan reminds Kyle of their wedding night and a fateful promise she made to him if he were to ever cheat on her. And she holds true on that promise. Kyle is left burned, bruised and ruined. Literally.

If that weren't enough, Kyle races to Cheryl's apartment for support and finds a much larger man, in all aspects, there to greet him. Karma rears it's ugly and funny head.

After their reconciliation, Kyle and David try to right the ship called life. Kyle tries his hand at acting on the advice over ten years ago from his gym teacher/theater director, while David decides to join his new teenage friends at a kegger. After Kyle weasels his way onto a high school video production, David winds up alone in a room with someone half his age.

Kyle stars in a schlock horror film called 'Skeeter Man', while David discovers his family is moving to Australia and selling their house. Leaving David homeless and looking to a familiar hobo friend for help.

Cheryl returns. David takes her back and falls back into his rut of an existence. After Cheryl's favorite second cousin dies, David revisits with the family that he finds out, blames him for the break-up in the first place. Kyle, meanwhile, struggles with his divorce and the premiere of his first movie.

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Rob King, Lorraine Cink

This was a WGA nominated prequel short of events prior to the feature screenplay.
Submitted: February 9, 2018
Last Updated: February 23, 2018

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The Writer: Michael Field

My Why I grew up loving the cinema. I still do. That love spurned me towards storytelling. At first, I started out as an actor and soon realized, while I enjoy it, I prefer creating the story and not just being part of it and I've been telling stories for over 20 years. When we all start watching movies and television shows and we find the ones we love, we really don't know why. But my desire to become a storyteller forced me to realize that without story, without great writing, all those movies wouldn't last. It's the story that keeps the great ones with us for our lives. My Work I started out creating skit shows on VHS-C which, as you can guess, was cutting edge back in the day. Way back... Go to bio

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