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Life Gets Better, Together

Two trans teenagers find solace at “IDENTT” a teen lgbtq+ support group, while battling their transphobic families, and their own society-led views on gender.



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CONNOR (15) confused why he likes make-up and girls clothes, gets caught trying them on... his Dad!
He makes Connor feel guilty for not putting his 8 month old daughter first, especially as he's due
in court tomorrow to prove TO A JUDGE he's an able parent.
Confused, Connor seeks answers at IdenTT.
Admits for the first time...
She's a transgender girl called Taylor.
DOMINIC (17) is here too. His GRAN (80s) has procured some more Testosterone, which has
emotional side-effects. He's already angry that a special letter may have gone to his estranged
Mum's house. He goes to talk to his queer peers.
Helps Taylor accept herself.
Taylor rides this high all the way home, attempts to leave the house as her true self, but her
emotions overwhelm her. She accepts her dad is right. She must put her daughter first.
Dominic visits his transphobic mum. He gets his letter, a date for his first NHS transition
meeting, but it's come at the emotional cost of being deadnamed and misgendered.
Connor takes his Dad's advice, with a new, masculine haircut, but a touching gift from little
brother NICK (11) inspires Connor to accept a makeover from new friends.
With everyone rallying around to support her, she goes to court proudly as Taylor, but the
solicitor for the mother attempts to use “his cross-dressing” as a means to take “his” child away.
Taylor wins full custody, but her dad gives her an ultimatum...
A home OR the dresses.
Dominic tries to prove he is who he says he is, and takes too much testosterone, which causes
internal complications, and he collapses at his own surprise party, requiring CPR.
Just as Taylor arrives with her daughter, suitcase, and nowhere to go.

Submitted: April 28, 2021
Last Updated: April 28, 2021

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The Writer: Drew Hubbard

I have always loved writing and telling stories. I started as an actor and went on to run my own small, Children's Theatre company, writing and touring Maths based plays to schools and small venues. It was here I realised my passion was in telling the stories, not performing them. I get excited by great stories. I watch a lot of different kinds of programmes and adore getting caught up in the storylines and characters. It doesn't matter if it's a story about Superheroes, Super Sleuths, or Super ordinary people, if the writing is great, I want to be part of that process, and inspire to be part of creating something dynamic and visual that people get emotionally attached to. Being part of a... Go to bio

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