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After an old gay man dies, he's reunited in heaven with his dog he lost decades ago.



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Joe Stuart-Kahn is 70, and dying. With his final breaths he gets his husband to find a photo from a long time ago. A perfect memory of them, in their 40s, on a beach holiday with their black labrador. He wants to see it one last time. Then he's gone.

He finds himself in a little beach house that seems familiar. He's greeted by an Angel who wants to check through some details before he moves on. Joe realises the beach house is identical to the one they went to on that perfect holiday, decades ago.

The angel makes sure they have the right person, checks Joe's name and the year he met his husband. It takes a moment for Joe to remember.

But it takes Joe no time to inform the angel he had no unfinished business. He's ready.

That's when the Angel notices something rare, Joe has someone waiting for him here. Joe's worried that it's an ex, as they step outside onto the same beach he remembers.

Joe doesn't know who's coming, until the Angel points it out. A black blur in the distance, hurrying towards them.

Joe's greeted by his black labrador, and they collapse into a mess of hugs and tears. Joe is so sorry for what he had to do, implying euthenasia.

But the labrador doesn't care. With a few barks Joe understands that he did do the right thing, and the dog doesn't hold a grudge. Joe is so happy, it's all he ever wanted to know.

And so they run off together. Laughing and barking. Leaving human and dog footprints in the sand.

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Submitted: April 27, 2021
Last Updated: April 27, 2021

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The Writer: Drew Hubbard

I have always loved writing and telling stories. I started as an actor and went on to run my own small, Children's Theatre company, writing and touring Maths based plays to schools and small venues. It was here I realised my passion was in telling the stories, not performing them. I get excited by great stories. I watch a lot of different kinds of programmes and adore getting caught up in the storylines and characters. It doesn't matter if it's a story about Superheroes, Super Sleuths, or Super ordinary people, if the writing is great, I want to be part of that process, and inspire to be part of creating something dynamic and visual that people get emotionally attached to. Being part of a... Go to bio

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