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A recluse after his daughter left and his wife died encounters Sally, a sexy-sixty-something, who decides to bring him back to life. When his daughter returns with her daughter, an African, trouble follows.

Edgar Bennett has become the local curmudgeon living outside of a small Iowa farming community after his wife, Marie, died shortly after his daughter left home abruptly for an unknown reason.

Edgar occupied his time taking care of Marie's apple orchard and his small farm. And in the Fall chasing kids out of his pumpkin patch had become an event for the local children.

His solemn, routine life starts to spin out of his control when Sally moves in next door. Sally's husband had died and she had decided she is not dead yet and neither is Edgar. The pursuit begins.

Being pursued by some very bad people, Edgar's long-lost daughter returns home with her African American daughter, Edgar is unforgiving and unprepared for the upheaval in his life.

Edgar has adjustments to make and forgiveness to learn.

Lonely and with more heart than Edgar wants to admit, he forgives his daughter and softens to his new granddaughter.

Unprepared Sally is not. When the bad guys come, Sally comes to the rescue and saves the day. And in the end, brings Edgar back to life.

Submitted: October 12, 2018
Last Updated: October 12, 2018

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The Writer: David Murphy

I write two to four screenplays a year and have been doing this for over twenty years. I currently write about what is occurring in our world today. The Kennedy assassination and the connection to Dorothy Kilgallen is my latest. Go to bio

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