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Maverick Ltd

An ex-cop turned private law enforcement contractor looks for an escape from the suffocation of her past and current life by taking a lucrative and illegal off-the-books contract.



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We open on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, a dirt bike zooms by. Protagonist and cop, IZZY WILSON (40’s), follows in her minivan. She’s ready to find her missing son at all cost, even if it means questioning the BIKE THUG, skidding out of control now, with her fists. She makes quick work of him before confronting the rest of BIKE THUG’S posse of human traffickers in a rundown cabin. It’s a bust. Her son, LAMONT, isn’t there. And her boss, CAPTAIN BOWLES (50’s), is neither pleased nor surprised by Izzy’s new style of working-- alone, rogue.

Five years later, we meet an even more defeated and bitter Izzy again, working as an independent enforcement contractor in Georgia, where bulletproof, self-driving busses and private security is the norm. The South has changed, falling into a dark, privatized kind of self-government, riddled with more violence, indifference, and inequality. Ready for retirement, Izzy is approached by her employer HORNS (70s) about an easy, off-the-books job. Though lucrative, she turns it down at first, but relations with her snarky, quick-witted mother, TERRY(80s), and loving, safe ex-husband, DAVID (50s), change her mind. Even with an apartment of her own, Izzy can’t stomach the fact her mother and ex-husband, who live together, renovated Lamont’s room. Seeing it changed forces Izzy to look harder at retirement to a beach somewhere far away from her problems-- and the fact she gave up looking for her son.

Meanwhile at a closed Atlanta zoo, protagonists RICK (40s) and SLICK (40s) showcase their brutal nature by watching a SCARED MAN be raped by a Gorilla, punishment for allowing a MASKED VIGILANTE to bust into one of their stables of young boys, freeing the kids (goods) and attacking the kidnappers. This is bad news for the traffickers, but they’re about to have more problems because Izzy is ready to take that contract: seven off-the-book arrests, both easy and lucrative. Her last job and she’ll be set. Being the no-nonsense, jaded ass-kicker she is, Izzy’s confident her targets won’t know what hit them. And she’s right, but there’s a catch: live product is in one of the houses. Children. Boys. Two of them, talkative, “grown-up” TONY and shy, thoughtful LAMONT. This is the worst-case scenario for Izzy, who isn't the child type anymore. Her motherly instincts are all gone and she curses Horns under her breath.

Rick and Slick have walked into yet another gruesome scene at the hands of the Masked Vigilante, who has blown up several more of Rick and Slick’s handlers. In a rage over this clear message, Rick decides to hit the Masked Vigilante where it hurts by burning down his own stable. Here, Rick explains to Slick and errand boy JACOBI (late 20’s) his philosophy: in life, you either fuck or get fucked. A product once himself so he knows. You are either selling or being sold, showing the audience his violence knows no limits.

Across town at a seedy ice-cream shop, Izzy takes in its owners and part-time traffickers, DILLY and DALLY, while tagalongs Tony and Lamont gorge themselves on frozen treats. Izzy sees Masked Vigilante parked outside the shop watching her. Undeterred, she flips the man off and he drives away. With several of her contracts secured in the back of her truck, Izzy drops Tony and Lamont off with Terry and David. David, who is also an ex-cop, warns Izzy about the repercussions of taking jobs off the books. What if she gets burned? The greedy contractors that would come for her wouldn’t care if they took her in dead or alive. Why risk this? Izzy is not in the mood to be parented and continues her contract. Besides, Horns said someone at the Attorney General’s office would sign off on the order, just under the table.

Rick and Slick have caught on to Izzy’s work, furious over their predicament. Now they have two assholes fucking up their money, a private contractor and this Vigilante. A stuck up, Karen of a COMMUNITY ADVISOR crosses paths with Rick, who violently pulls her into the car to glean whatever information he can. He wants to know what she knows about the person who entered her neighborhood and he doesn’t care how he does it.

Back at the custody depot, Horns receives a new order and it’s a burn against their own-- Izzy. What David warned about has happened. Izzy’s old boss and the new Attorney General, Captain Bowles, gives Izzy a heads up. But she doesn’t care, confident she can avoid the contractors headed her way while also finishing up her jobs. Ex-coworker and fellow officer-for-hire, ARKHAM, is the first to try to bring Izzy in, shooting her with a futuristic gooball that traps her wrists together. During the scuffle, Masked Vigilante swoops in. Izzy kicks his ass, too. Outside her car, Izzy realizes another officer for hire, MARGE (20’s), is on her tail, having left a bomb under the carriage of her truck. A total bitch that one. Izzy disassembles it, driving off towards the custody depot.

Hoping she can get paid out by Horns even though she hasn’t completed her mission, Izzy is shocked when Horns turns on her for the money. She breaks his nose in response and jumps back into her truck. Izzy heads to Terry’s but is surprised to see her mother’s home in flames. Thinking her family is dead, Izzy heads to the Convergence Diner, a local watering hole of sorts for contractors. Marge once again tries to take in a dejected and heartbroken Izzy. Just then, she gets a call from Terry, who took the boys to Chuck-E-Cheese. With this new motivation, Izzy gets a second wind, fighting Marge, two more Contractors, and the Masked Vigilante (who has shown up). In the scuffle, Izzy finds out the Masked Vigilante is her own ex-husband, David. This was his way of grieving over the loss of their son. He never let go or gave up hope, apologizing to Izzy for packing up Lamont’s things.

Together, David and Izzy go to Chuck-E-Cheese, where Tony, Lamont, and Terry are eating pizza and playing. Soon, Rick, Slick, and Jacobi arrive. The battle begins, ending with Izzy and her entourage as the victors. Arkham arrives again, telling Izzy if she insists on bringing in Rick and Slick herself, she’ll also be arrested by the Attorney General for her off-the-books contract. Izzy nods knowingly, willing to take the responsibility.

Two years later outside a prison, David is waiting for Izzy, who is surprised to also see Attorney General Bowles waiting for her as well, their body language suggesting AG Bowles made Izzy an offer she could refuse. David tells Izzy he has a surprise, taking her to Chuck-E-Cheese. Tony, Lamont, their parents, and Terry all wait for her. The screen fades to black as Tony and Lamont rush and hug her.

Submitted: August 10, 2021
Last Updated: August 15, 2021

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The Writer: Paul Rowe

A screenwriter out of Midland, GA, Paul prefers to write scripts while sitting on the living room floor against the couch. This uncivilized and savage preference adds to his writer's voice and laces the tone of his screenplays. Even worse, he loves to rewrite his own and others' work - call the authorities. Paul lives with his much more civilized wife, Eli, their spitfire dog Maeve and an army of assassin cats just outside Atlanta in quiet Midland, Georgia. PJR Go to bio

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