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Serial Killer Supper Club

An up-and-coming serial killer, looking to prove himself, is invited to a Serial Killer Supper Club but finds himself the target of a celebrity FBI agent and competitive serial killer.



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In a storage facility, a young man named BILLY works diligently at his chosen craft - killing people, cutting them up, and putting them back together as life size dolls. He's currently working on a new one, a mafioso positioned in a model replica of his kitchen, eating a sandwich. In an apartment close by, FBI AGENT SCHULTZ examines a fresh crime scene. The victim was killed while in his kitchen, eating a sandwich. Schultz is pompous and self centered, still living off the fading glory of her best-selling book about catching the famed Chainsaw McGraw. Forensic specialist BETSY explains that the man was killed by a complex wire contraption that severed all of his joints cleanly.

Billy finishes up his work on the mafioso doll by dressing him in his suit - dry cleaned, of course, and positioning him in the replica of his own kitchen. He then heads off to work on the set of a zombie movie, where he eyes the DIRECTOR as his next victim. Billy then meets up with his mentor, JANE STRANGLE. Jane shows Billy the HAPPY COUPLE she's been stalking for her next kill, and encourages him to attend the next meeting of her serial killer supper club. Billy is intimidated by the guest list, but is also excited to be invited. Inspired, he prepares for his next kill.

At the director's motel, Billy is in the middle of stringing up a new contraption of wires when someone enters the room. It isn't the director, but ARTEMIS LOCKHART, an infamous cannibal, and overall pretentious know-it-all. Artemis threatens to kill him, but Billy reveals that he's been invited to the supper club, blindsiding Artemis. After escaping from the motel, Billy hurries to the hospital to visit his MA, who has been in a coma since he was one year old. A NURSE joins him in her room, and the two chat while Nurse changes the bed pans. She's also in her 20's, and has a dark sense of humor that appeals to Billy. The two are fast friends.

Billy is finally on his way to attend his first supper club. The location is kept very secretive, and a limo picks up and blindfolds each guest. He arrives at Jane and JOHN STRANGLE'S mansion, with guests DR WEAVER, DR DAWSON, THE TANAKA SISTERS and Artemis. The bunch enjoys Jane and John's latest art project, photographs of the Happy Couple for the past 10 years, until they are kidnapped and killed by John and Jane. They then sit down to dinner, and it's revealed that Artemis hold a firm lead in the running for the "Killer Crown," handed out every year to the best serial killer. Billy also finds out that the press have nicknamed him, "Dollmaker."

Agent Schultz obtains photos of Billy's dolls from a mysterious source, and estimates that there are 30 - 40 victims of the Dollmaker, which is announced on the news. Jane tells Billy to lay low, as he's preparing to purchase an abandoned downtown building. Billy watches Agent Schultz's press conference and thinks he knows who sent the photos - Artemis. Billy confronts Artemis, who confirms that he sent in the photos. Billy doesn't know what to do, except buy his new building, and look for some construction work. Bored with his new lifestyle, Billy can't help but set up his next victim, the director. The director, however, throws a spanner in the works when he picks up Agent Schultz at a bar, and takes her back to his hotel room. He's killed by Billy's intricate contraption right in front of her. Billy is terrified - but Jane is thrilled. With all of this media attention, Billy will be in the running for the Killer Crown.

At the next supper club meeting, it's revealed that one of the Tanaka Sisters has mysteriously gone missing. Billy increasingly believes that one of the club members is working with Schultz and the FBI. When the standings are calculated, Billy is now ahead of Artemis in the running for the Killer Crown. He'll be the next host for the supper club, in one week's time. However, because of the increased media attention a "red alert" has been put up; the killers are instructed to halt their usual activities until law enforcement has simmered down. When Billy arrives at his storage room, he finds it surrounded by police and FBI. Agent Schultz instructs her agents to cut the locks off the doors, but the locks are linked to bombs. The whole facility is blown to pieces, and there is no evidence to be found.

Billy goes to visit his mother's hospital room, but finds it too surrounded by law enforcement. His mother has been butchered the same way he kills victims - but with a hatchet instead of a wire contraption. Horrified, Billy is comforted by the nurse, who gives him her phone number. A distraught Billy makes his choice - and steals the pieces of his mother's body from the hospital that night. At the destroyed storage room, Agent Schultz meets with her secret informant - Artemis. He agrees to take a tracking device with him to the next supper club meeting.

On the way to Billy's downtown building for the supper club meeting, the killers' limo is followed by Agent Schultz and a group of FBI agents. The killers arrive at Billy's building, and are impressed by his "kitchen," which looks more like the set of a play in the middle of the large building. He serves his mother's favorite Southern classics and is warmly received by the club, besides Artemis. Billy gives a speech about seeing his first kill. When he was a year old, a serial killer named DR EYES broke into his home and lobotomized his mother in front of him. The killers are touched, but when John goes to announce the standing, a wire contraption is revealed, slicing all of the killers into doll parts - except Artemis, who ducks just in time.

Billy puts the Killer Crown on his head and chases Artemis to the basement, which looks like a museum, with each exhibit containing an elaborate set for a doll. He kills Artemis the same way his mother was killed - by Artemis. As Billy takes his revenge, Shultz storms what she thinks is Billy's building - but it's an empty warehouse, rigged with wires, and she and her agents are sliced into pieces. The film ends with Billy, newly confident and well dressed, taking his revenge on Dr Eyes.

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Submitted: October 5, 2021
Last Updated: October 21, 2021

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The Writer: Paul Rowe

A screenwriter out of Columbus, GA, Paul is a die-hard for habit over motivation. If it's 6 AM EST, he's up before his day job doing what he really loves. Paul lives with his wife, Eli, their spitfire dog Maeve and an army of assassin cats. PJR Go to bio

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