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The sharp wife of a paranoid millionaire finds out that their food taster wants to poison her husband. Every meal she has to find out which dish is poisoned and save her husband.

ACT 1: Raphael, stands at a long breakfast table. He's the food taster of a paranoid millionaire who is terrified of being poisoned. All over his mansion (which he never leaves) are cameras and guards. Raphael assays the food and then, standing so as to cover a surveillance camera, he spits into a plate. Mocking Fedro's exaggerated security system fills him with bliss. But Raphael isn't satisfied with just this: he wants to poison Fedro and get away with it. For his plan to be complete he needs someone to dispose of his arsenic filled syringe while all eyes are on him. He confesses his plan to Fedro's wife, Trista. After the shocking reveal as she heads to a guard to have Raphael arrested he blackmails her using a dark secret of hers: she has had an abortion in spite of Fedro desperately wanting to be father. But Trista is not intimidated by the food taster and instead of seeking help she declares that from now on she will deduce what dishes have been poisoned and protect Fedro. A battle of wits ensues.

ACT 2: Meal after meal Raphael poisons something and Trista has to find a way to save Fedro without him noticing. At first it seems that the taster has a big advantage since he can poison anything with the colorless and odorless arsenic. But Trista knows that Raphael only aims to kill Fedro so she can be sure that the poison won't be in foods that could result in her dying. With her cool temperament and tactical mindset she keeps the taster in check. Raphael recognizes that she is a formidable opponent to overcome.
Once the arsenic is in the wine. Another time in the crepes. When Fedro insists on eating them Trista has no choice but to start a fight. She accuses him of not being a real man, always afraid and surrounded by guards. This hurts him deeply. The meal peaks with her throwing the plate to the floor and their dog having a bite of the crepes. For once Trista and Raphael have to work together and get the dog out before it dies in front of Fedro.
While the silent war between Trista and Raphael rages on Fedro notices that his wife has changed. She now looks sad and distant. Fedro feels powerless in face of this problem and the only option he sees is to secretly have her take antidepressants. And Fedro knows who'd be the best for the dirty job. He asks Raphael who instantly knows he can uses this to his advantage.
Instead of killing Fedro Raphael chooses to get rid of Trista. She never expected this move and is finally outwitted. She dies knowing that her husband is now at the taster's mercy.


Submitted: May 23, 2017
Last Updated: May 27, 2019

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The Writer: Thomas Wagner

Don't have much to say about my life but I love discussing stories. I really like death note and that is my ideal when it comes to plot construction. In all of my scripts you'll find: -Mind games. Tactics. -Strong rivalry between protagonist and antagonist. -Quirky characters. Hope I can intrigue and entertain you! Go to bio

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