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Motion Sensor



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An outdoor security light makes this homeowner feel suddenly less secure when it starts to activate unexpectedly.

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Motion Sensor
An outdoor security light makes a homeowner feel suddenly less secure when it activates unexpectedly.

Motion sensors are like night lights… for adults. 

When plugged in (and working right), they enable us to see through dismal shadows. They ease every fear we harbor, regarding what prowls around under the cloak of night.

Including closets. Unlit bedrooms. And the backyard ‘round midnight.  But when a noise frightens us – is it always wise to uncover the source of that sound?

In Anthony Cawood’s “Motion Sensor,” we do find out. And greet an uninvited guest:  fear that grips us from beginning until bloody end.

Our story begins with tidy Bob heading into his dark kitchen – to place a cup in the sink.  But as our innocent hero will soon find out; simple acts of cleanliness sometimes lead to horrific mess:

The external light, outside bi-fold patio doors, pops on; flooding the kitchen in light.

Bob watches TIGGER, his ginger cat, pad across the patio.

Happy hunting.

The light clicks off...

Then on again.

No cat on the patio this time, it's empty, until...

A ginger shape streaks towards the window, hits with a dull THUD.

Tigger slides down the glass leaving a trail of blood and ginger gore.

What the...

He takes a step towards the glass doors.

The light clicks off again...

What horror do you think Bob will encounter next? Something that haunts you in your worst nightmares, waiting for night to come to life….

An evocative, easy shoot (except for Tigger’s “stunt”)Motion Sensor clocks in at two pages.  But even in that brief moment, it creates a lasting, fearful image that will forever haunt an audiences’ mind!

Review by Linda Hullinger
Submitted: April 23, 2018
Last Updated: December 22, 2018

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The Writer: Anthony Cawood

Award-winning screenwriter with one feature produced and a further four features optioned or in pre-production. In addition to features, over forty short scripts produced/sold/optioned - including ten filmed. Also occasionally pens screenwriting articles, interviews with writers and filmmakers, and even a short story or two. You can find out more at Go to bio

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