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An alien grows up on earth to be a nerdy teenager in a Middle-of-Nowhere town where she struggles to maintain her identity and navigate high school.

My Cosmic Nation is a sitcom about an alien who crash-lands in the small farming community of Layova, North Dakota; a town miles away from civilisation or culture. Unlike Clark Kent, she does not grow up to be a strapping, super powered demigod, but instead just an average teenage girl.

Fifteen years ago, AMY NATION crash landed in Layova, North Dakota. With a population of only 12,002, Layova is not exactly the most exciting place on earth. This is exemplified by the town’s motto: “A perfect Layova between where you’re coming from and where you’re going,” which does not encourage many visitors from out of town. After crashing through the roof of the cowshed of widowed farmer, JONATHAN NATION (and killing his favourite cow in the process) he decides to raise the child as his own, and now she has grown up to be a completely unremarkable and un-athletic teenage girl.

It’s usually at this point in the story where the teenage alien would realise that they can fly, or shoot lasers from their eyes, or something equally as remarkable. Unfortunately, the only thing Amy can say that is unique about herself is that she’s the only girl in school whose face is constantly acne-riddled and that she can recite all the details from long forgotten sci-fi shows. Adding to the ever growing list of things that makes Amy a loser, by conventional standards, is that she is a nerd. Fortunately, she is not alone, as her two closest friends, MAC WOZNIAK and CHARLOTTE COOPER are also the kind of nerdy losers that are treated as pariahs at a high school that values athletic achievement and conformity over individualism. Their only escape comes in the form of MR. STEPHEN BACKER, the school’s English teacher who allows the trio of friends to use his classroom between lessons to read comics and hangout.

Unfortunately for Amy and her friends, being unpopular at high school becomes the least of their worries when they discover that they are being hunted by both an anti-alien conspiracy theorist and a shady government agent known only as “BLACK SUIT.” Given the stress that comes with being a nerdy kid in a small town, and the ever constant threat that her identity will be exposed, it’s no wonder Amy thinks she was sent to earth as some sort of joke to see how long she can fend off pitchfork wielding mobs.
In order to survive her teenage years, Amy must become more self-confident and stop letting the dread of living in Layova and the fear of being dissected at Area 51 roll over her. She may have been born somewhere in the depths of space, but earth is her home; her cosmic nation.

Submitted: April 13, 2020
Last Updated: April 13, 2020

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The Writer: Calum Syers

Calum Syers is an aspiring writer who is based in Canterbury, England. Thank you for checking out my bio. My interest in film and television writing began when I saw Robocop on TV when I was far too young and continued to me getting my masters in Film Studies and Screenwriting. If you have checked out my work, please feel free to give me any feedback; it's appreciated and encouraged. Thank you and happy writing. Go to bio

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