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After witnessing his girlfriend’s murder, David Teasdale, a cynical English cop discovers he can talk to ghosts. He adopts this ability to help solve murders across Washington D.C.

This is a show about those malevolent creatures that go bump in the night and the only human that has the ability to stop them.

Born in Newcastle, England, DAVID TEASDALE was headhunted to join the FBI after working as an agent with the MI5 for several years. After being fired from The Bureau due to his abrasive, bullish attitude towards his bosses, he now works as an officer for the Metropolitan Police Department. His behaviour worsens after he witnesses his girlfriend, SAMANTHA being murdered in front of him during an attempted mugging. It’s after suffering the trauma of watching his love die violently in front of him that he discovers he can interact with the spirits of the dead when Samantha’s ghost rises from her body.

Months after witnessing Sam’s death and subsequent resurrection, Teasdale has spiralled down a path of depression. He treats his colleagues with contempt and lashes out at them after only the slightest of altercations. One such incident occurs after Teasdale gets into a brawl with another officer, ending with him knocking the officer unconscious. Because of the seriousness of this attack, CAPTAIN JANE LOWERY, his boss, forces Teasdale to partner with a uniformed officer who will act as his shadow, keeping him out of trouble. This decision is supported by AGENT TOBY WATSON, Teasdale’s former boss at the FBI, who has maintained a grudge against Teasdale for years.

This duty falls on the shoulders of OFFICER ANDREA RAMIREZ whose own partner, OFFICER MICHAEL WHITE, was recently murdered by a ghost with a vendetta. Having been reluctantly forced upon one another, Teasdale and Andrea must learn how best to work together as Teasdale comes to terms with his supernatural abilities. At first, he tries to shut out the ghosts around him, but in time he realises that being able to talk to the dead is a fantastic aid when trying to solve homicides in one of the most violent cities in America. This increasing understanding of his abilities is confirmed by a mysterious Voice, which maybe supernatural in origin, that calls Teasdale to give him advice and reveal clues that will help lead to discoveries. Each mystery brings Teasdale and Andrea closer together as partners and help each other heal from their respective traumas.

Submitted: April 15, 2020
Last Updated: April 15, 2020

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The Writer: Calum Syers

Calum Syers is an aspiring writer who is based in Canterbury, England. Thank you for checking out my bio. My interest in film and television writing began when I saw Robocop on TV when I was far too young and continued to me getting my masters in Film Studies and Screenwriting. If you have checked out my work, please feel free to give me any feedback; it's appreciated and encouraged. Thank you and happy writing. Go to bio

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