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Today's romanticism
After A young jewelry designer creates a unique Valentine’s pendant , her life encounters heart-breaking complications.

Megan, very attractive, in her 20s, lives with her family in a small mid-western town. Armed with a degree in Jewelry Designing from a local Community College and a remarkable talent, she owns a small home-based business selling her creations online. Her dream, however, is to move to New York City and work on 47th street, the center of the jewelry district. Unexpectedly, her dream becomes a reality. The owner of a prestigious jewelry company asks her to go to New York City and work in his company.

Once in New York, however, Megan realizes that life is not what she had envisioned. Lev, the egotistical owner of the company, begins to manage her creativity while Sara, her supervisor, who is secretly in love with Lev, does not hesitate to sabotage Megan’s latest design -- an enchanting Valentine’s heart pendant.

One day after work, while she waits for the subway, Megan notices a street sax player improvising around a popular jazz tune. Fascinated by his artistry, she deposits $20 in the sax case. Mark, the saxophonist, surprised by the generous donation, stops his performance and engages her in a long conversation during which Megan feels a growing spiritual affinity with the idealistic musician. From that moment on, their after work heart-to-heart conversations become more frequent and personal.

When Lev senses that Megan’s attitude is changing from meekness to self-reliance, eager to heal his deeply wounded ego, he offers her his affection hoping to regain the driver’s seat.

As Megan firmly refuses his phony love, Lev attempts to bring her down by taking possession of her valuable Valentine’s heart design. But, after a violent confrontation, she wins back her copyrighted creation and leaves him for good.

In the last scene, Megan and Mark work together in his small Manhattan apartment to sell online the Valentine’s heart pendant just in time for Valentine‘s Day.

Submitted: November 17, 2016
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The Writer: Fausto Lucignani

I was born in Rome, Italy and came to the USA at 25. After settling in New Jersey, I received a cum laude International Marketing degree from Montclair State University. A few years ago, I developed a strong interest in screenwriting and story telling. This year one of my stories was a finalist in the Hollywood Reporter's international contest "Defining Moments." After reading several books on screenwriting, I have written numerous short scripts. My writing style is concentrated on stories reflecting real life and real people. Maybe, a subconscious inclination toward Italian Neorealism. My motto is: the best fiction is about reality. Go to bio

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