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Not Another Vampire Story
An embarrassment-prone middle school girl's life gets risky when she suspects her pretty older sister's good-looking boyfriend is really a vampire, and sets out to prove it.

Sylvia is going into eighth grade when she meets her older sister Julia's new handsome boyfriend, Terry. Too good to be true, Sylvia looks closer at this handsome man and sees "vampire". She snoops some more.

Sylvia studies Valtieri "Terry" Dakmarr, who has kept a low profile and just wants to belong to normal society. He comes from a family with a long business history of making vampire blending in happen.

Beginning eighth grade, Sylvia has the usual self-doubts of a girl her age, especially one in the limelight of a perfect older sister. She also lives in the peripheral vision of a mom who knows she's there somewhere (kind of a hands-off approach to parenting), but has her own life to live.

Sylvia and her best friend Holly sneak around Terry's apartment, being where they shouldn't be, learning things about him he's kept hidden for centuries. This comes to an end when Sylvia, alone and snooping, comes face to fang in Terry's apartment. Terry discovers her, confronts her realizations, and dismisses them as her imagination.

Knowing the truth to what she's seen firsthand, Sylvia is dumbfounded. The truth comes out between Sylvia, Julia, and Terry. The story concludes with acceptance, and Sylvia realizing she's not as plain as she feels to the right boy.

No bloodlust, no biting. Focus is on Sylvia's coming to terms with herself.

* From the novella NOT ANOTHER VAMPIRE STORY by Sakurapu
NOT ANOTHER VAMPIRE STORY is adapted from a high concept, humorous middle grade novella. Contact me for the ebook stats and iTunes global rankings (including iTunes Breakout Book All-Time BESTSELLING [New Zealand] and Young Adult Bestseller Under $4.00 [U.S.]).

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". . .a youthful look at relationships with a little bit of fantastical excitement is just what readers need in the wake of so much vampire fiction . . . an anti-vampire story, one that will entertain readers of all ages. Quick dialog and punchy characters are the essence of this novel that pokes fun at the genre without totally letting go of it." New Year Book Review

". . . engaging, witty, and not afraid to poke a little fun here and there at its own genre . . ." Kathryn Bennett at Readers' Favorite

"Omg I love this book I've read it like 7 times this week" iTunes Review

NOTE: Feature screenplay and TV pilot script (with mini-bible) are available. Film rights to the book are also available.

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