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Not So Mary Christmas

In need of a “Christmas Miracle,” a woman experiencing a series of unfortunate events decides to hide out in a small town where she falls for the Mayor who doesn't know her real identity.



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It's Christmas in Boston. Mary Henson is excited to learn she makes partner at her law firm. She's out to impress and reassures the executive team that she will have an important case, the Anderson file, ready.

When her boyfriend, Francis, tells her that he has an important question to ask, Mary is sure that Francis is going to pop the question. Instead, Mary learns Francis wants her to babysit his fish and apartment while he spends Christmas solo with his family.

Mary, heartbroken and furious, immediately breaks up with Francis. She deletes all the pictures of them together, accidentally deleting the Anderson file. She soon discovers that the Anderson file is gone while meeting with her bosses the next day. She's fired.

To make things worse, Mary gets into an altercation with a man dressed as a snowman. The fight is recorded and goes viral. Mary becomes an overnight "celebrity" and is viewed as a holiday joke and a Grinch.

Mary needs a Christmas miracle, but when one doesn't come, Mary decides she needs to leave town. Afraid of being recognized, Mary dons a fake identity. She books a reservation at a resort in Wintergreen, New Hampshire. When she arrives in the town, she almost hits the town's Mayor, Marc, with her car. It's not a good beginning.

Mary immediately falls for the charming small town. She befriends the resort owner, Patricia and the local diner manager, Jane.

Mary runs into Marc again and can't help but find him attractive. The two grow closer, as Marc opens more about his personal and professional lives. Marc hopes to bring more business and technology to the town, but not every resident supports his plan. Mary proposes to help Marc with his plan, with selfish intentions and ambitions of getting her old job back. She offers to introduce the firm to Marc to help his expansion. Marc agrees to speak with them, in exchange, Mary must help sway the townspeople's ill feelings.

Mary endears herself to the town, stepping in to assist Jane at the diner. She introduces Jane to some advancements and new apps. Jane lowers her guard and begins to welcome the idea of technological advancement.

Mary is taken by surprise when she hears a familiar voice in town. It's Francis. He's at the diner with his parents and blurts out Mary's name. Jane overhears and now knows Mary's secret. Mary also tells Patricia the truth. Now, she must tell Marc.

Before she can, Francis runs into Marc and shows him the viral video of Mary. Marc is hurt by Mary's betrayal.
Mary decides not to run away from her problems again. She attends the town meeting where Marc and her former bosses are present. Marc speaks to the town and is opposed by Mary. She apologizes for lying to everyone. She loves Wintergreen just the way it is and doesn't want to see it completely change. The town forgives Mary and so does Marc.

Mary's bosses storm out, burning that bridge. Patricia approaches Mary and announces her plans to retire. Mary agrees to take over the resort.

A year later, Mary's friends from Boston come to spend Christmas in Wintergreen. Mary has made a new life for herself and no longer spends Christmas alone. She has Marc and the entire town of Wintergreen.

Submitted: June 13, 2019
Last Updated: May 14, 2020

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The Writer: Michael Kitlas

A sales trainer once told me, "A man only gets to use an exclamation point once in his life." I used to write merely as an outlet. After taking classes with Gotham Writer's Workshop, and with Jacob Krueger at his studio, I fell in love with the craft. Writing each and every day has become my "exclamation point." What's yours? How The Other Half Live : -Los Angeles Film Awards Winner: Best Thriller Screenplay. -WeScreenplay Shorts Contest: Semifinalist. -Manhattan Short Film Festival: Semifinalist. -Scriptation Showcase: Semifinalist. Go to bio
Law Firm: Kaye & Mills
Lawyer: Jessica Kaye
Manager: Bruce Miller

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