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Nothing Sacred: Nun For The Worst



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The Grubb's nymph neighbor becomes a nun in a radical order of the Church.

Delilah leaves Teddy to become a nun in a radical order of the Church, and appears on a talk show interview with the rogue priest who heads the order, as her husband Teddy and the Grubbs watch at home. Also, Jack, Gramps, and Teddy visit a strip club.

Submitted: April 1, 2018
Last Updated: April 1, 2018

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The Writer: Gene Gwynne

I’ve had representation in the past, but am currently without representation, and am not a WGA member. I’ve attended seminars and classes by most of the screenplay gurus including Field, Segar, Freeman, among others; and attended workshops, classes, and lectures sponsored by The American Film Institute; and the USC Cinema-Television Alumni Association extension program. I was optioned once by a major television producer. Among the most recent awards for writing are: Austin Comedy Short Film Festival, Fall 2018 - 3rd Place finalist Best Dark Comedy Short Screenplay: Austin Comedy Short Film Festival, Spring 2019 - 3rd place Best Dark Comedy Feature Screenplay. Finalist Short Screenplay: 2019... Go to bio

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