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Of Souls & Sins

To create a Hybrid Human, a desperate Scientist injects his 8-year-old daughter with Alien DNA, unleashing a terrible power within her she must learn to control to protect herself, her father, and the human race.



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Fifteen years ago, Jack Noble was part of a government-sanctioned program where captured Alien bodies were placed in stasis so they could be studied, and their DNA extracted for use on human test subjects.

After many failed attempts on human subjects not surviving the introduction of the Alien DNA, and the government about to pull the plug on funding, a frantic and burnt out Jack takes it upon himself to use his own 8-year-old daughter, Hayley, as a subject for one last shot at success... something he will never forgive himself for.

When the test appears to be working, Hayley awakens in the lab alongside her father, but within minutes, her body begins to convulse, shifting in color from pale white to grey to blue-ish, then her eyes turn iridescent, almost reptilian and she dies.

Having never mentally recovered from what he did to his only daughter, Jack turns his back on science and hides in a haze of alcohol and prescribed medication. Unbeknownst to him, Hayley did not die that fateful day. The Alien DNA forced her into a dormant state and then slowly imbued her body, later igniting her heart to restart.

Upon awakening, her then young mind clouded with the wash of alien cells, confused and unaware of who she is, she found a way out and fled to the streets to survive.

In the homeless underground, she is taken in by Madam O-Ren, a mysterious woman, and Hayley matures into a teen. She then begins to seek out her biological father. When she finds Jack, she discovers he is dying from an incurable disease, and she enlists the help of Madam O-Ren and her unusual ability to concoct potions that may find a way to save him.

But Madam O-Ren has a dark secret as she is one of the last three captured aliens from the government program, she reveals her true malevolent nature and how she and her clan have been snatching homeless people to transfer their souls and imbue themselves with immortality.

Her love for her father and Madam’s betrayal fuel a battle of wills and alien power between Hayley and the now exposed aliens. Hayley defeats her, and the remaining three aliens perish, their own souls escape their dying bodies. But the struggle has severely weakened Hayley, and she herself begins to fade…

Jack now knows what he did to his daughter so many years ago, and he must decide if he can make the biggest sacrifice of all – give his life for his daughter. But it is Hayley's selflessness in transferring Jack's soul into her own dying body that proves her love. As she dies in his arms, his disease cured, Jack finally has his daughter's forgiveness.

Submitted: May 3, 2021
Last Updated: August 3, 2022

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The Writer: Clark Ransom

Clark is a produced and optioned screenwriter with a focus on Sci-Fi, Dark Dramedy, and True Stories. Clark has successfully collaborated with Producers and other screenwriters on several projects. Most of his projects are grounded in themes of "the haves and the have-nots", classicism, and coming-of-age characters. Clark is open to writing assignments for features, shorts, and pilots. Representative Achievements include: "Seeing is Believing", 2023 RECOMMEND from The Script Lab "The Goldilocks Zone", 2022 CONSIDER on coverage from The Script Lab "The Oracle Reader" , 2022 Page Turner Awards Finalist, 2022 LA Screenplay Quarterfinalist, The Script Lab RECOMMEND, 2022 "Straight to... Go to bio

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