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Earths demi gods use two Humans and the Nephilim (Giants) to form a plan to disrupt the formation of a weapon of interplanetary destruction by the Reptilian Empire to save Earth and establish galactic peace.

Brad 27, cowboy from Texas and Gia 30, scientist(scottish accent) are taken up to a large mother ship in high density where 7 of earth's demigods reside. They work a holomatrix of earth being able to scan back and forth through time. There is fun banter going on at all times with the demigods. The demigods are: Jehovah, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, Ganesh, Kukulkan and Jesus. Jehovah likes to stir the pot and encodes Gia with a sequence that the Reptilians can use to form a weapon of interplanetary destruction. She is captured for that by the main antagonist Zenfor an 8ft Reptilian General that looks like a cross between a iguana and a monitor lizard.

Brad is to work with the Nephilim (Giants from the Bible) to rescue Gia and stop the Reptilians to retake earth. Gia once rescued, is stolen by two other alien races for their own desires only to be jockeyed around more. Brad along with the Nephilim, hatch an elaborate plan to save her and earth!

This is an elaborate story with several hooks and sub plots. This has space battles, shows different worlds one being destroyed. Shows the Reptilians home world Drakos and their gladiator style fighting area. Aliens featured: The Reptilians, The Orions which look like large red headed dwarfs, The Pleiadians, The Arcturians, The Fishmen race and the Horsemen race.

This is a pg to pg-13 type movie only because of some gore and violence. pages 105

Submitted: September 23, 2019
Last Updated: October 3, 2019

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The Writer: John Kevin Bell

I am John Kevin Bell, some in the film industry call me JKB. I have 17 spec scripts to date with 3 in the pipeline at any time. I own JKB Studios, a production company in Stillwater OKlahoma where I am a director and producer and illustrator where I am set to shoot my second feature film Tales of the Blue Ridge Vampires. I am currently in negotiation with equity investors. I have a degree from Oklahoma State University in Illustration and Graphic Design so it was an easy transition for me to slide into the film industry. I have been studying VFX for 4 years now and feel confident with Blender and After Effects. I took the advanced screen writing course at Pepperdine University and took the... Go to bio
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