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Our Past Has Eyes

A young African American woman’s cry for help awakens the spirits of ancient slaves who have grown tired of waiting 400 years for justice.



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Angela Banks is on her way to a new life in Atlanta, Georgia as a corporate lawyer for a major American airline. She’s listening to a news broadcast describing a wave of machete attacks happening in the South. Suddenly, she gets a flat tire in a part of rural North Carolina that hasn’t left the days of “Sundown Towns” behind.

When she stops at a nearby gas station, she’s met with racism and violence. Her cries for help are answered by unexpected and supernatural saviors. The ghosts of slaves unleash 400 years of pent-up anger and justice on Angela’s would-be rapists. Once they’re done, the store is filled with the blood of the attackers, while Angela makes her escape with the help of a passing traveler.

While the two women ponder the “reality” of Angela’s salvation, her rescuer, Renee Sinclair, signals her belief in the supernatural nature of the incident. Renee reflects on tales told by her great, great, great grandmother, a former slave, about the “spirits of black folks who can’t rest because of what was done to them… and when the time was right… the chickens would be coming home to roost.”

Just then, another news broadcast on the radio detailing that all the victims in the recent attacks have been linked to white nationalist organizations.

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Finalist in
Quarterfinalist, PAGE Awards - PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Competition 2021
Quarterfinalist, The Script Lab - TSL Free Screenplay Contest 2021
Semifinalist, Outstanding Screenplays Shorts Competition 2021
Semifinalist, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Spring 2020
Quarterfinalist, Killer Shorts Horror Short Screenplay Competition 2020
Quarterfinalist, WeScreenplay Shorts Contest 2020
Semifinalist, Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards 5
Quarterfinalist, Filmmatic Short Screenplay Awards Season 6
More Placements in
Official Selection, HollyShorts Screenwriting Competition 2020

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Submitted: October 31, 2021
Last Updated: January 20, 2022

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The Writer: Gina Screen

I am the head of strategic communications for one of the largest integrated health systems in the country, who feels an incredible need to explore what is next in terms of expressing my creativity. I've been a journalist, with Emmy nominations, and an communications executive for an agency with 350,000 employees. But, I want to see if I can develop my creative voice. Go to bio

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