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Pentad, The Wizard's Handbook

There are five guys. 'Old school' Wizards. Legend says they were good, The trouble is, 800 years later, no one's heard of them. And now, out to prove their worth. Warning. Pentad are coming.



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Ron Shears story

For centuries and contrary to belief, Wizardry has been alive and flourishing-well almost. There's been a young bespectacled English boy who has thrust Wizardry to the fore in recent years, and he's pretty good. Five Wizards -The Pentad have been out of action for 800 years and are now desperate to prove their worth. The upside is; Legends say they were good. The downside is; no one's ever heard of them.

Until one day in the Ancient English Castle Fortress of Durnovaria (Leeds Castle, Kent) in a musty, cobweb-strewn Dungeon, the dusty remains of a huge leather-bound gold embossed book is found.

The trouble is, no expert in Britain can decipher the codes/riddles. And Sir James's is about to toss it back in the Dungeon and drop the key in the lake. Fortunately for all concerned, Sir James's American-born young Grand-daughter and Grandson are into Wizardry (for a commercial reason), And they eagerly set about solving the code after the Potter craze a few years ago. Fortunate for us Harry was a hit. Once Sir James flips over the pages, the five are out. The old-timers are very stiff and relieved to be free. How they came imprisoned in the book when with their skills you'd have thought made escape very easy unfolds in their story. For now, a wizard's trick went pear shape

The trouble is, no expert in Britain can decipher the riddles/code. And the elderly Castle Owner Sir James is about to toss it back in the Dungeon and drop the key in the moat. Luckily for all concerned, Sir James's American-born young Grand Daughter and Grandson are into Wizardry-after the Harry Potter craze. Fortunate for us Harry was such a hit. (American's for US market)
A British Museum expert commented. 'Magnificent piece of Artwork and Calligraphy. Quite the best I've ever seen, and I don't have a clue what it means.'

Leeds Castle, Kent, England, 12000. .‘The Finest Castle in the World' is set in 500 acres of Woodlands, surrounded by a Lake-doubling as a Moat. Sprawling main Castle rises from the lake dominating one end of the island. Separating it from two smaller buildings-large oblong lawn, a wide oval carriageway around it, for horse-drawn marriages. Henry IIX built g a pad for his fancy bits. Adorning Granite walls centuries-old heraldry: Battle weathered-ripped flags, suits of Dented Armor, headless Armor, Chipped swords-many with missing tips, bent, and broken lances.

Back in January 1200, in Anglo-Saxon times, January was named Wulf-monath, and the month when hungry Wolves were more active than usual. Coincidently on this date 800 years ago, five of the World's top Wizards vanished without a trace. He's Sir James Fortesque, owner of Leeds Castle - been in his family for 700 years. Sir James-old fashioned a sprightly English gentleman. Walks along the chilly passage. As he passes a suit of armor, he pats the head, saying, 'Morning Henry.' King Henry IIX built this Castle as a pad for his fancy bits. Who I ask fancied him?. Sir James has an annoying habit; he's constantly chanting 'Didly-om-pom-pom.' To a tune only he recognizes.

Castle owner and heir apparent Sir James, an enthusiastic elderly English Gentleman, walks along the passage. As he passes a suit of armor, he pats the head, saying, 'Morning Henry,' King Henry IIX built this Castle as a pad for his fancy bits; who would fancy him? I ask.

The Wizards are about to get groovy showing us just what Magic is. In a word, Fun. I must mention they are outnumbered by those determined to ensure they don't.'

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A screenwriter who read this said. "A gem.'

Submitted: January 8, 2022
Last Updated: January 10, 2022

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The Writer: Ron Shears

He was born in 1935 in Kent, England grew up in Bomb Alley during WW2. He served a 5-year apprenticeship as a Compositor Typographer. Met Patricia, an Art Student at age 17, married in 1957. They have a daughter, two son's eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. He left a print after 11 years to start a roof tiling and slating business, eventually employing 52 trade's men. Nine years later, lost a fortune to bad debts when oil price increased 400% in four days. Builders large and small went broke, taking him with them. Some years later, he migrated to Australia. Broke, did building site laboring work to support the family., started writing to keep sane, never showed anyone for... Go to bio

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