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Who would you choose? – drunk wife or film noir heroine.

It is Valentine’s night and Harland awaits the arrival of his drunken wife. While he waits he watches his favourite film – ‘Perfectly Painted’; reality and fantasy combine, and ‘Lilith’, the character in the film, beckons him.

Harland’s wife arrives, and he tries to placate her with a rose, but she shoves him away, just as, on screen, Lilith kills her lover ‘Spencer’, taking the money he has on his person.

When his wife falls asleep on the chair, Lilith beckons Harland to her. It’s a tough decision: wife or Lilith? One is dishevelled, the other is perfectly painted...

They both have perfectly painted fingernails.

Decision made, he gets to his feet. He stands over his wife, seemingly about to kill her; but then he reaches behind the seat and pulls out a suitcase.

Tapping on the screen. Harland goes to Lilith they have a ‘screen kiss’; but then Harland pulls away from her and leaves with his suitcase.

As the credits roll on the film, Lilith stares out incredulously.

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The Writer: Milethia Thomas

Milethia hails from England and works as a communication support worker/teaching assistant. She is an active writer, often to be found writing beyond the 'witching hour', and has placed in semi-finalist and finalist stages of competitions. In 2011 she was the joint winner of the London Screenwriters Festival - "Four Nights in August" - competition and was able to experience the different approaches/interpretations that filmmakers took when filming the short script. Anil Rao's version of the script won the best film - . Presently, Milethia is one of 50 writers selected as winners of Create50's 'The Impact' -; the film making... Go to bio

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