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Pet Project

A young techie is housesitting for his boss, and working on a top secret project for work. Things go haywire when the project turns the boss's family pets into humans.



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Justin Peters is a 24 year-old technological engineer at Technovation, a state-of-the-art High-Tech
Engineering firm. This summer he is housesitting for his boss, Mr. Alexander. It gives Justin the opportunity to test
a revolutionary project, the Genie Nanobot Smart Home System, at the Alexander home. To get in good with the
boss's beautiful 22-year-old daughter, Megan, he also agrees to take care of a rescue dog she saved and her two cats.
The pets quickly prove to be too much for Justin to handle while also trying to work on the project, so he
reluctantly enlists help from his 17-year-old sister, Abby.
A virus in the Genie Nanobot program on Justin’s tablet digitizes Abby and then turns Abby into a genie.
Justin jokingly commands her to "make these pets stop acting like wild animals". She surprisingly changes Duke,
the dog, and Bonnie and Clyde, the cats, into humans. The virus melts the tablet into a useless glob. As a result,
Abby does not have the power to change them back.
Justin is now tasked with somehow turning Abby back to a genie so she can turn the pets back into animals
and trying to figure out how to get his nanobot program to work.
After a few days of boredom, the new humans decide to go for a car ride while Justin is out. Since none of
them can drive, they wreck Megan’s car.
Duke, Bonnie and Clyde decide to help pay for the damages they caused by having a yard sale. At the sale,
Duke sees Daisy, the woman who ran a shelter in which Duke once lived. They begin a conversation which leads
into a friendship and eventually more. She is a pet psychic and knows there is something different about Duke. As
they spend more time together Duke tells her the truth which she readily believes. Duke is now convinced that once
he is changed back, he will go live with Daisy.
None of Justin's attempts to fix his project work, so he asks a co-worker, Ethan, for help. This means letting
him in on everything. Ethan, while not really believing the story, tells Justin that a co-worker, Derek, and an
unknown accomplice are under suspicion for selling Technovation secrets to competitors. Ethan has heard that to
throw the investigation off track, Derek is implicating Justin. He would not be surprised if Derek was responsible for
the virus.
Ethan receives a call on his cell phone and goes outside to talk. Once he is outside it is revealed that he is
talking to one of Technovations competitors. Ethan is the one selling secrets and even sabotaged Justin's project.
The neighbor’s dog overhears the whole conversation and relays the information to Duke, who still understands dog
talk. Duke can't tell Justin while Ethan is around, so he tells Abby, Bonnie and Clyde, before going off to be with
Daisy. Abby comes up with a plan and asks for her phone.
Derek shows up, claiming someone is framing Justin and him. Feeling invincible, Ethan admits that he is
the one selling company secrets and framing Justin and Derek, and they are helpless to stop him. He created offshore
accounts in their names each worth several hundred thousand dollars. He also set up emails and a clear paper trail
leading right back to them.
Bonnie and Clyde run into the room to tell Justin about Ethan. And Ethan laughs them off. Then Justin
gets a message on his phone from Abby, to let her out. He taps the genie icon and Abby flows out.
Since she has been digitized, she traveled through the internet and Ethan's home computer. She rewrote
some e-mails, and before erasing Justin's and Derek's offshore accounts, she opened an offshore account for Ethan
and transferred the money there. She also wrote an admission of guilt on Ethan's behalf and contacted
Technovations and the authorities. They hear sirens in the distance as Ethan runs out the door.
Duke returns and empties the contents of a large paper bag he was carrying. He dumps nearly $15,000 on
the table. More than enough to cover the damages to the Alexander’s house. When asked where the money came
from, he tells them that Daisy and he visited the dog races that evening. It turns out that some of the dogs running
that evening, owed Duke “a few favors”. He also shows matching bracelets that he and Daisy are wearing and thinks
could be magical.
Then Justin receives a text from Mr. Alexander stating, “that because of all that has happened”, they will be
returning the next day. Abby once again saves the day, when she tells Justin that she retrieved not only the working
nanobot program, but the virus that turned her into a genie.
The next morning when Daisy stops by, Duke expects her to take him as her pet when he changes back. A
tearful Daisy tells Duke that she lives in a homeless shelter and doesn’t have enough money to take care of herself.
She thought that Duke could remain human. Justin explains that Duke must return to canine form. As Abby changes
the pets back, Daisy grabs the bracelet on her wrist and the one on Duke's. She cries that she has no one, and no
reason to live without Duke and wants to be with him no matter what. The bracelets glow and as the pets turn back
into animals, Daisy turns into a dog.
When Megan returns, she find a new dog, but since she was planning on keeping Duke, she will keep
Daisy, because they look so happy together.

Submitted: January 26, 2021
Last Updated: January 28, 2021

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The Writer: Jimmie Pelyhes

I am a retired school teacher who specializes in comedy writing. I have written nine screenplays, two TV pilots, and three radio plays. The radio plays have been recorded and played on two college radio stations in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Since 2012 I have been working with a producer from Canada, Gavin Wilding. In 2013 he gave me a writing assignment for a comedy screenplay he wanted to produce. Unfortunately, despite his happiness with the script I had written, he could not get funding. Gavin did get another screenplay of mine into Lion's Gate.(no small feat, I have been told) Although they said they liked the project, they weren't interested, but recommended we send it to Voltage... Go to bio

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