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Star Crossed

A beautiful young movie starlet terrified by death threats, decides to hide out in a small city in Ohio with her self-proclaimed number one fan.



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When young movie starlet, Britney Price’s business manager is killed in a suspicious automobile accident, she is convinced it was a murder attempt meant for her. Ms. Price, fearful for her life determines that she is not safe in Los Angeles and wants to hide out “some place where the killer would never look for me”.

That place is Mentor, Ohio where middle-aged, Harold Phillips, lives. He is her self-proclaimed number one fan, and she has gotten so much fan mail and cards from him throughout the years; she feels like she knows him. So, when a disguised Britney shows up at Harold’s door; he is justifiably shocked. After she explains what she is doing there, he is more than willing to help in any way including sharing his home with the beautiful star.

After a week of hiding inside the house Britney gets restless. Harold convinces her it would be safe to go outside and to the store providing she wears a disguise. This allows Britney to meet Harold’s friends, Wendy, Bryan, and Jim. Britney instantly sees that Wendy is smitten with Harold, but Harold does not see it.

While Harold and Britney are out and about, they are unaware they are being tailed by a man in a blue convertible.
Britney has a history of falling in love with every man she works with and is now falling for Harold. He convinces her that he has no feelings of love for Wendy, so she makes her move and kisses him.

At first Harold cannot believe his luck, having Britney Price as a girlfriend, but slowly her true personality starts to show. She is very demanding and wants to know where Harold is at all times. She is also extremely jealous and very insecure. This is especially true when it comes to Wendy, who is always “hanging around” according to Britney.
The convertible follows them unseen, everywhere for days until Britney finally notices a suspicious man in a blue convertible wherever they go. She becomes terrified despite Harold’s claim that it is probably a coincidence.

When Britney discovers that Harold dated Wendy years ago, she is furious. She accuses Harold of lying to her, the one thing she hates more than anything else. No amount of explaining will satisfy her as she simply loses it and runs upstairs in a fit of unbridled anger.

To make matters worse, the man in the blue convertible shows up in Harold’s driveway. Harold is about to go outside to confront the man when Wendy notices the man has a gun. Harold races upstairs to discover Britney has climbed out a window and down a trellis and is running to hide in the back yard.

A madcap chase scene culminates in Harold’s kitchen where the gunman gets the drop on Britney and Harold. Wendy slams a vase into the gunman’s head knocking him out and sending his gun across the room.

While Harold and Wendy determine that the gunman is really a private detective, Britney points his gun at them.
When the detective comes to, he tells Harold and Wendy that Britney is wanted by the LAPD for the murder of her business manager. Britney, now gone off the deep end, confesses that she killed him because he lied to her about leaving his wife. She is about to kill Harold for lying, and of course kill the others because they are witnesses, when the Mentor police, whom Wendy had called earlier, kick in the back door and save the day.

Submitted: April 29, 2021
Last Updated: April 29, 2021

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The Writer: Jimmie Pelyhes

I am a retired school teacher who specializes in comedy writing. I have written nine screenplays, two TV pilots, and three radio plays. The radio plays have been recorded and played on two college radio stations in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Since 2012 I have been working with a producer from Canada, Gavin Wilding. In 2013 he gave me a writing assignment for a comedy screenplay he wanted to produce. Unfortunately, despite his happiness with the script I had written, he could not get funding. Gavin did get another screenplay of mine into Lion's Gate.(no small feat, I have been told) Although they said they liked the project, they weren't interested, but recommended we send it to Voltage... Go to bio

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