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The Christmas Exchange

Rachel and Lauren are identical twin sisters, one is a Hollywood actress and one a TV news producer in Cleveland. When problems occur they swap places which leads to hilarious twists and turns.



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Lauren Brooks is a frustrated Hollywood actress, in her mid-30’s. Her identical twin, Rachel, works as a producer at a Cleveland TV station. Rachel is getting married just before Christmas and Lauren returns for a bridal shower thrown by Rachel's young co-worker, Michelle.
While in Cleveland, Lauren learns that she did not get a part in a big movie she desperately wanted. This makes her contemplate giving up acting. Meanwhile, Rachel is not happy that her fiancé is always so busy running his restaurant. This leads to a MAJOR fight and ultimately the wedding is called off.
Both twins want time to get away to get their heads together, but Rachel doesn’t have any time off left. Lauren suggests that she and Rachel switch places. Rachel could stay in Lauren's beach house in LA for the week and Lauren will go to work at the TV station. Rachel agrees to switch and heads for LA.
Things get sticky when Blake, an old flame of Lauren's, and a Cleveland Clinic surgeon, appears on the scene and they start to see each other. At the TV station she is Rachel, but with him she is Lauren.
At the TV station Lauren must deal with Heather the co-anchor of the evening news, a beautiful, self-absorbed former model. Heather has tried to humiliate Rachel at every turn. When she suggests in front of the whole crew that Lauren read the news; Lauren turns the tables on her by delivering a performance that has the crew cheering.
In Los Angeles, Lauren's agent shows up at the beach house with big news. The part Lauren lost out on is now available and the producers want her to read for it again. The agent pulls a surprised and reluctant Rachel out of the house and drives her to the studio. Even though she is scared to death, Rachel somehow nails the audition. During the emotional scene she realizes that she needs to go back to Cleveland and get married.
After Rachel and her fiancé get back together, Lauren decides to return to acting. But she finds that the reason it did not work with Blake before is the reason it still won’t work. He will not leave his practice and will stay in Cleveland.
On Christmas day, Lauren’s agent calls to tell her she got the part. Lauren is happy yet confused, until she figures out that Rachel got the part for her.
Michelle comes by and tells everyone that Heather has been shipped off to another city. And since Rachel did such a great job reading the news, she is the new co-anchor.
And the surgeon shows up to announce his new practice in Los Angeles.

Submitted: February 5, 2021
Last Updated: February 5, 2021

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The Writer: Jimmie Pelyhes

I am a retired school teacher who specializes in comedy writing. I have written nine screenplays, two TV pilots, and three radio plays. The radio plays have been recorded and played on two college radio stations in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Since 2012 I have been working with a producer from Canada, Gavin Wilding. In 2013 he gave me a writing assignment for a comedy screenplay he wanted to produce. Unfortunately, despite his happiness with the script I had written, he could not get funding. Gavin did get another screenplay of mine into Lion's Gate.(no small feat, I have been told) Although they said they liked the project, they weren't interested, but recommended we send it to Voltage... Go to bio

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