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Preaching Lies

A dope dealing pastor's past shows up and threatens to bring down his holy house of cards with his unsuspecting daughter caught in the crossfires.



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Preaching Lies the Novel

Pastor and single father, Hosea Reynolds was the man of God that everyone admired. Preaching the gospel and leading his flock to heaven, or was it hell? On the run from his deadly, drug rival, no one would suspect him to use a church in order to run his drug empire, but he was wrong. For fifteen years he "labored for the Lord" while stacking his money and hiding in plain sight. That is until his daughter is used as a pawn in the game that he carelessly played.

Submitted: March 12, 2019
Last Updated: June 24, 2020

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The Writer: Denora M Boone

I began my writing journey as an independent author of urban Christian fiction novels. To date, I have over 25 bestselling books that I've written over the last five years. I love being able to help others begin their journey as authors, so I started my own publishing company, Anointed Inspirations Publishing. We've published close to 100 inspirational books since our 2015 launch. Even with the many awards won, nominations, and awesome success of having that "Christian Author" label, people tend to put me in a box not understanding that I am a STORYTELLER first, I just love God. So, I took myself out, more like burst out, of that box, and decided to step into film and television! Have I... Go to bio