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A father fights to protect his family as he battles a bloodthirsty Triad leader when he enters the world of illegal street fighting.

The seemingly serene and peaceful waters of Sattahip in Thailand and its thriving fishing community appears to offer a tranquil, idyllic lifestyle for WILLIAM OWENS and his wife GRACE and their beautiful 9-year-old Daughter MAY.

Thus far, William’s life has been something of a non-event, consisting of failed jobs and failed dreams, interspersed with self-destructive drinking binges trying to forget his past. William was an up and coming martial arts star until during a tournament his rage took over and he killed his opponent.

Now he works on a fish-farm for his Boss and earns just enough money for him and his family to survive on their simple houseboat, while his wife works in a cheap Beauty Parlour to make ends meet.

But the tranquil appearance of this simple fishing community hides a dark underbelly among its harbours and wharves. This is where the Triads on the street are led by the vicious and brutal MASARU (Triad) who has his own devious agenda to take his boss’s place sooner rather than later.

Masaru extorts protection money from all the local businesses, including William’s boss FAI. William despises this reign of terror by the triads but knows he can do nothing to stop it. Unable to buy his Daughter the Bike she desperately wanted for her upcoming Birthday, William approaches the eccentric Brit HADDICK who organises brutal underground fights and sells them on the Internet. Haddick puts William into a couple of brutal, no-holds-barred fights, which William wins. He now has enough money to buy his daughter the bike she asked for.

Impressed with William’s fighting skills Haddick nicknames William “The Tiger” because of a tattoo William has on his shoulder, Haddick then enters William into an up-market underground fight organised by the triad Leader Mr LAU at his factory which offers US$10,000 in prize money. Wanting to over through his boss, Masaru wants William to lose the fight, “or there will be consequences”.

But William still has some pride left and he desperately needs the prize money so that his family can enjoy a little luxury in their meagre lives. William wins the bloody, bone-crunching fight, despite Masaru’s warnings. Now Masaru is out for blood.

The next day, Masaru and his gang visit the fish farm to kill William. William fights them off as quickly as possible. Masaru then heads for the houseboat where Grace is alone. William follows, but his boat breaks down and by the time he reaches his houseboat, Masaru has left and the damage has been done. When William finally arrives, he is devastated to discover that Grace is close to death.

Now William is left with only one course of action to stop this violent madness. Driven by rage William hunts down Masaru to face him one-on-one and kill him, even if it means it will be the last fight of William’s life. There can be only one winner in this spectacular fight to the death!

Submitted: May 13, 2020
Last Updated: May 13, 2020

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The Writer: Ross Clarkson

I’ve been in the Film and Television industry for 30+ years. My experience ranges from shooting news in Australia in the '80s to Directing commercials in Hong Kong and China in the ’90s to Director of Photography/Camera Operator for many Feature films in Hong Kong, Thailand, Canada, and Bulgaria. I’ve worked on 50+ films to date. Films I have worked on have starred such actors as: Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Swank, Wesley Snipes, Keifer Sutherland, Jean Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Sir Michael Caine. Adding to my involvement inthe film industry,I've written 12 scripts, One which is called "Captured" I produced and directed it and it won... Go to bio

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